About Me

Hi, I'm Linda.

Welcome, and I am glad you are here. Here's a little bit about me.

I've been married to my love, Patrick for 17 years.
We have two wonderful boys, Josh (12) and Jason (7).
And a little dog named Sophie.
We would love to adopt girls, and are certified to do so, 
but we're on hold due to health issues.
Together, we enjoy an abundant life on the coast of California.
And together, we are seekers of God's truth and grace.

Random facts...

1. I took up the guitar and photography in my 30's... it's never too late.
2. I hate snakes. I used to have recurring nightmares about them.
3. I have an "outie," and I used to get teased incessantly about it by my neighbors! After hernia surgery, I have an "innie," but I will always be an "outie" in my heart.  It's a frame of mind.
4. I prayed that God would send me a good neighbor friend, and He did, when I was 9. She was a ballerina and an actress. We were like sisters.
5. I love to dance (even though I have no coordination!) I also think square dancing is a hoot and I'm not afraid to admit it or participate in it with gusto!!
6. If I didn't know Jesus, I would have probably been an international jewel and/or art thief.
7. I collect seashells and smashed pennies.
8. I love to drive through the countryside listening to the music scores from movies. I have some of my sweetest worship times in those moments.
9. I'm an introvert who likes to have deep conversations and is really uncomfortable with small talk at parties. I do enjoy celebrating though!
10. When I was 9, I disobeyed my parents on our Oahu trip and ended up falling off a cliff. My life flashed in front of my eyes and a tree caught me about 8 feet down.
11. I'm OCD about counting certain things.
12. I love wit and humor, but I have a hard time with sarcasm.
13. I play games to win, but I'm only competitive in a fun way.
14. My favorite literature growing up... Charlotte's Web and To Kill a Mocking Bird.
15. I like musical theater, fast roller coasters, and Mexican food.
16. Sixteen is my favorite number. When I turned 16, I had never been kissed.
17. I met Patrick when I was 17, started courting at 18, and married at 22.
18. Patrick is definitely my other half. We've been through times of joy and major struggles... God has healed our hurts, redeemed what was lost, and continues to make us one.
19. I get very sentimental about the past and have a lot of fond memories of my childhood.
20. My first car was a sweet, mint green Honda Accord. I heart that car... hello, wherever you are. Her name was "Sunny." Yes, I name my stuff... I have a vintage canoe names "Tin Tin," and a cruiser named "Brigitta," too.
21. Now I drive an unnamed blue mini-van.  I love my van... it has about 14 cup holders and it's the perfect way to see a drive-in movie with the fam.  I was stoked to get it and am proud to drive it! Seriously.
22. I love to study and teach God's word. It's hard to even express how much I love it.
23. I would enjoy living in a Jane Austen novel or becoming the 5th March sister.
24. I won't sail on a boat if I can't see the land. I love sailboats and catamarans.  They are best in Hawaii.
25. I can skate like the wind, I love to sing with a choir, and I like to climb very tall trees.
26. I used to like knitting, but then I realized crocheting is where it's at.  I have a small yarn problem. 
27. I have a thing for cast iron and French cookware... I have 2 Le Creuset pieces, and I sadly must stop now, because there is no more room in my cupboards for more.
28. Which reminds me... I would love to visit Europe someday and do a "heritage tour."  I'm English, Irish, Scotch, Dutch, and French.
29. My favorite color is green, but I tend to wear earth tones and blue and gray.  My house is full of Lord of the Rings colors (yes, we are nerds.)
30. I had forgotten how much I liked to write until I started to blog. I used to think blogs were lame.

If you got through all of these... bless you! Now we are friends! :)


Anonymous said...

lovely mother and family

Anonymous said...

Nice blog :)

Babymama said...

Maybe it's just me but in this photo and the one on your main page - you remind me of Mary Louise-Parker!

I had to share that.
Loved reading these and "getting to know you".


Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

oh yes! I read it all the way through. And now we are friends! I love your 'about me" page. So sweet, true and real. I'm always wanting to change mine. I've never really liked any of the versions I've had of it. You are inspiring me!

Beverly said...

I did just read all that. Hey! We are friends now. I feel like I know you! ;)

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