Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Truth & Freedom

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32 

My husband has had a calm and a peace wash over him in the past year.  At times, I can literally see it in his eyes and on his countenance.  On a average day, he is good-natured and works well with people, whether it is in his workplace or in our home.  His buttons aren't pushed too easily, and he handles stress much better than most, including myself.  He also laughs readily and connects with people on a warm and personal level.  Some might see him as being "laid back," however, he is also filled with an abundance of intentionality and purpose in what he does, and a love for the people in his life.

This next level of calm and peace that has been manifesting itself in the last year has been interesting and fascinating to watch.  It is heavily rooted in the idea of focusing on the truth.  

There have been incidents in the last few months that have been very bothersome to me.  We were accused of plotting against people and of being disrespectful and dishonorable.  This wasn't a new situation with the particular people involved, in fact, the waters have been very rough in the past.  It is, however, hurtful, and it weighs on my heart.  When something like this happens, it is so easy to allow emotions to reign, and to react, rather than to lovingly and patiently respond to the charges.

Over the months, as we have had a number of discussions about this situation, Patrick has been willing to respond with truth, again and again.  Each time, he reminds me, afresh, of the truth.  The truth about the events which took place, the words which were spoken, and the motives of our hearts.  He gently reminds me of what actually happened, and to what and to whom we are responsible.

Truth be told, I have developed a very bad habit in regard to conflict within relationships.  When something difficult happens or hurtful words are spoken, I almost always do one of two things.  Initially, searching my heart, I look to discover any way in which I have acted poorly, because I truly want to apologize if I have offended or hurt someone.  Owning up to the truth, and making amends is so important to me, and I want to have God's heart in this.  If I can't come to a conclusion as to what I have done wrong, I try a secondary approach in which I tend to fabricate a new truth.  Trying to come up with ways I must be at fault, I try and think of how I can somehow place guilt and blame upon myself, so that I can reconcile with the people involved.

The problem with my second approach is that life cannot be based upon a lie.  If I allow myself to be the "bad guy" or the "scapegoat" for the sake of peace and reconciliation, I am living a fabrication and a very unhealthy one at that.  I am not walking a road of peace with a sound mind, but a treacherous journey, saddled with guilt and discord.  It is a pathway of darkness which yearns to see light.

Patrick has been that light in my path, 
 the one who hands me the lenses of truth, so that I can see clearly.

He asks...

Who are you in Christ? 
How does Jesus see you?
 Did you or I really say those things?
Did you or I plot against people?
Are you acting disrespectfully or dishonorably in this situation?
Was your heart full of malice?
What were the true intentions of your heart?
Were those intentions good?
What was the other party's responsibility in this situation?
Are you going to take the blame for something you didn't do? 
Have we honestly addressed the problems?
 Have we been truthful and gracious in our responses?
Have we asked and been willing to seek professional counsel to help all those involved, 
including ourselves?

You need to live from a place of truth, Linda.

I have always known that truth found in God's word needs to guide my life.  Oddly enough, I am just now coming to the profound realization that the truths found in the reality of the actual details of a situation are very important, as well.  How can I apply God's truth to my life if I am believing or accepting lies about myself, my thoughts, and my actions?  

This year, I'm letting go of the obligations of carrying burdens of guilt which don't belong to me.  I choose not to let that record play over and over in my head another day more.  I'm giving those burdens over to God and allowing Him to do the work He wants to do.  While I would like to have peace in all my relationships, whether or not these relationships are reconciled this side of heaven can no longer be a pressing and stifling preoccupation.  

 Knowing I have done what I can towards peace, I have to remember that now...
it will happen in God's time, 
for His purposes, 
and to His glory.
And not a moment sooner.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
Romans 8:36 

By the strength of God, I am ready to walk in truth, grace, and freedom.
Thanks be to Jesus for setting me free.


CoachZ said...

So awesome hon! It's great to see the your countenance changing as the truth washes over! Love you so much!

Sandy said...

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for leading Patrick and Linda down your straight and narrow path. The path of your truth. Thank you that you have given each of them a love for their Savior, a love for each other, a desire to live honorable and courageous lives according to Your Plan. I have always seen the purity of their lives as they each seek to honor You in all that they do. They are both strong yet so very tender-hearted. Please keep them able to always stand up for what is true and right, always. We, their family, are so blessed to have them in our lives. Thank you for being our Bright Morning Star...I pray in your Holy Name.

Denise said...


I have responded the exact same way to situations. I've made myself sick with unnecessary guilt because of the lies I've bought.

Praise God for His truth and guidance revealed to you by a loving husband.

I pray for all kinds of freedom for you in 2014 in Christ Jesus.

Diane Marie Teale said...

I've looked at your blog from time to time and always come away blessed! Thank you! God Bless

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