Wednesday, January 8, 2014


  January 8, 1994
Pasadena, California

Standing in the foyer that sunny, January afternoon, my arm wrapped around my father's, I felt giddy and nervous, full of joy and anticipation, all at once.  My father had had bypass surgery just a few weeks prior, and although his heart was racing, he was love and strength beside me, so handsome and tall in his black tuxedo and dapper, white mustache.

Lovely bridesmaids, in emerald gowns, preceded me down the long, ribboned isle.  After a pause, the double doors were swung open, and the bridal march began to play.  Family and friends arose from their seats and turned to gaze at a twenty-two year old bride, adorned in a white gown with a sequined bodice and puffed sleeves.  My gaze, however, was fixed upon the fetching groom with raven hair, all dressed up in tails and a bow tie, with tears welling up in his eyes and spilling down his cheeks.

Promising our love and devotion to one another came easily, with no question or doubt to sully our affection and commitment.  God had brought us together, and He would bind us together as husband and wife, as we voiced our desire to travel life's journey together...

through sickness and health, 

for richer or poorer,  

in good times and in bad.  

In hindsight, the past twenty years have proved our vows to be lasting and resolute.  God took two rather different people and taught us how to complement one another, support one another, celebrate one another, and most importantly how to love and respect one another.  Together we have reached milestones, laughing along the way, as we have stored up memories and treasured our days together.  We have had many portions of life's difficulties as well,  experiencing illnesses and brokenness, lean times, losses, and just the downright ugly parts of life.  Those times have served as refiners, testing the tenacity of our bond and weaving us ever so tightly together in body, mind, and spirit.

I am so grateful that  
I chose Patrick on this day, twenty years ago, 
 and that he chose me in return.

I am thankful for all that he is and all that he is becoming, more each day...

1)  A man after God's heart
2)  Gentle and tenderhearted
3) Committed to his wife and children
4) Full of strength and passion
5)  Adventurous
6)  Extremely attractive
7)  Wise beyond his years
8)   Respectful and honoring
9)  Patient and long-suffering
10)  One who laughs easily and often
11)  Forgiving and understanding
12)  A good leader and manager
13)  A dedicated, hard worker
14) Thoughtful and generous
15)  Encouraging and inspiring
16)  Funny... really funny
17)  My best friend
18)  A great kisser
19)  Faithful
20) A soul-mate who chooses to love me 
each and every day.

He is the beautiful vessel who holds my heart.

And will continue to do so...
For the rest of my life.

With our sweet boys...  December 27, 2013
Avila Beach, California

Happy 20th Anniversary, my love!!

(You can read the rest of our story, as told by Patrick, here.)


Sandy said...

Your wedding day was wonderful in every way. Your vows to each other were so sweet and filled with your love of Christ as the third strand of your commitment to each other. I love and admire both of you more than I could ever say. Happy Anniversary Love Birds. ♥♥♥♥

Cassi Brightforest said...

Beautiful post, and congrats!!

Bethany Watts said...

Your marriage, and the strength that God demonstrates in you both is a constant encouragement to me! And thanks for the sweet tears, Linda! You are so eloquent! Happy Anniversary!

Ryan and Camille said...

love hearing about you and Patrick!

Heather said...

Such a beautiful tribute Linda. You married a good man. Your love shows. I was just sharing with my husband the other day how blessed we were to find one another. We compliment each other and balance one another.
p.s. I was at Avila Beach on the 27th also! I was with my parents, 3 sisters and their families.

Denise said...

"testing the tenacity of our bond." *love* and strengthening it at the same time. :)

i praise God for your marriage which continues to glorify Him.

here's to 20,40,60 more years!

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