Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

I love Dancing with the Stars.  Not just for the dancing, but for the stories and journeys of the people who participate.  I hardly ever watch the results show, but I get so drawn into the competition night... seeing obstacles overcome and seeing people growing, learning, and pushing their limits to create something fun or beautiful is amazing.

But what I watch mostly for are moments like this.  
Moments of astounding beauty and vulnerability.  
Moments that capture my heart and make me hold me breath.

Kellie Pickler, I applaud you.
Knowing that you cut your hair in support of your friend who is fighting cancer,
and seeing that friend in the audience with tears running down her cheeks after this performance
was extraordinary.

And Derek Hough, you are an incredible dancer, teacher and choreographer.
I am often left speechless after watching your artistry come to life.

For completely different reasons, this was my other favorite dance of the season.

Are you a fan?
What's your guilty pleasure?

1 comment:

Ryan and Camille said...

My guilty pleasure would be surfing. Guilty because I always have to have someone to watch the kids while I go so I'm either paying for it or someone is doing me a favor. Pleasure because I love it!

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