Thursday, April 12, 2012

Treasures from the Sea

I have always been fascinated by shells and other sea creatures.  

I have collected them since I was a little girl.  

I think they are each so beautiful and unique.
They represent something that was once living, but has left a lovely work of art in its passing.

Do you enjoy collecting anything?

(A little fact:  The top shell once belonged to my grandmother.  I have a whole collection of these that she sometimes used to use for little side dishes on a dinner plate!)


Cassi Brightforest said...

We have a shell collection too. But from pinterest we saw a collection of sand from different places we've been so that has been our new collection along with old bottles to put the sand in.

Megan said...

How pretty, what a great collection you have. How do you display them?

I am trying to start a collection of vintage cameras, but so far I only have one... hopefully that will grow soon :)

Linda Z said...

Cassi, what a need idea with the sand! I like. :)

Megan, I have some different sized and shaped hurricane glasses that most of them are in. Sometimes I arrange them under a cloche. I ahve others that are just in a basket. Sometime I'll put the prettiest ones on napkins at a formal dinner setting. :)

Tamera Beardsley said...

Beautiful photos Linda! You know I too love me some shells!

Susan Liberatore said...

So pretty. I find we're always collecting shells....I just can't pass them by.
The 3rd one down {I know it as a medusa, here a sea urchin} reminds me so much of summers spent in Croatia. Sigh.

Rachael said...

They are so gorgeous, I love the ones where you can 'hear the sea; inside.Rx

Claudia said...

eu iniciei a colecionar conchas desde à muito tempo atrás e as tenho ainda mas quando as olho esqueço de onde algumas vieram e com vc acontece o mesmo???

Linda Z said...

Translation: "I started collecting shells for a very long time ago and I still have the eye but when some forget where they came from and the same happens with you"

Claudia, aren't shells fun to collect? With some I remember very well where I got them, and others I don't remember. We have a beautiful shell store not to far from my home where they sell shells from all over the world. I have purchased many there. :)

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