Monday, April 16, 2012


Recently, my eldest decided he was old enough to give Lord of the Rings a try, much to the delight of his memorabilia-collecting parents, who know the story backwards and forwards.  And let me tell you, he really got it.  We are able to speak to him in LOTR metaphors now.  We say things like... which character was not a good steward?  He will answer correctly with Denethor, and then we get to have a whole conversation on what makes Denethor a bad steward, and what a good steward looks like.  I'm in nerd heaven right now!!

Spoiler Alert (just in case you haven't seen it... you should):  At the end of the trilogy, there is a big coronation scene.  I always prepare myself for it, and then I always cry.  In fact, I'm starting to cry just thinking about it right now.  (Waving my hands in front on my eyes.)  Aragorn has returned victoriously from great battles against the evil of Middle Earth, and he takes on his role as king of Gondor.  He doesn't know it, but his love, the elvish Arwen, is waiting for him among his loyal subjects.  She is wearing a lovely green dress, and holding a banner up for him.  On the banner is a symbol for the tree of Gondor.

She is essentially saying
I am for you!
I am yours!

And then, as Josh describes it, he eats her face off and everyone cheers.  
Translation: Aragorn passionately kisses the love he believed he would never see again.

On Saturday, the boys and I got to make some banners for our man.  Patrick has been training for a triathlon for the past year.  He has dropped 30 pounds, gotten himself in tremendous physical shape through exercise and diet, and his blood pressure is in a super healthy range now.  But more than that, this was something he always wanted to do, and it was so great to watch him working toward his goal and all the little successes along the way. We are so proud of him and this big accomplishment. 

It was so amazing to stand at the finish line watching him run across it.  
The kids held their banners high, cheering him on.

We love you!!
We are for you!!
We are so proud of you!!

I love you!! 
I will always be for you!!
I think you are amazing!!

Our banner over you is love!


CoachZ said...

Thanks girlfriend! It was super fun to see you and the boys at the finish line! Meant so very much to me!! (Even though I seemed dazed and confused I knew what was up).

I love you so much and was so glad to share that with you and the boys!!! I love you so much!!

Susan Liberatore said...

EEek! I love thosse last pictures of you guys. You must be so proud of your hubby : no easy feat.
And I've never seen Lord of The Rings!!

Cassi Brightforest said...

Ooooh so sweet! Love this post

Summer said...

I'm such a dork. I just cried!!! This is so sweet.

Sandy said...

We are in awe of Patrick accomplishment, and so proud of him.

Denise said...

noah enjoys him some lotr. i've watched it once. after reading wild at heart. john eldredge made me watch lotr... and braveheart and some other man movies. michael was really glad i was reading j.e. books.

i was dealing with a lot of warfare at the time, lotr helped me to see that God wins. period. i needed that.

a few years ago i tried running. it didn't work. i'm a walker...when i don't have a sprained ankle (which i currently do).

his banner of me is love!

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

That's so amazing about your hubby's triathlon accomplishment! Wow! Losing 30 pounds- awesome. Good blood pressure- also awesome. I love what an amazing support you guys were for him! Such a sweet family! Love love.

Elyssa said...

You and your hubby are so sweet! Congrats to him! What a great accomplishment!

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