Monday, March 5, 2012

Eating Squirrel

Circa June 2011 on his 6th Birthday

Jason and I were talking about the book of Ezekiel the other day. 

Did you know that God had Ezekiel eat a scroll? I asked.

A squirrel? he asked, a little horrified.

No, not a squirrel, a scroll, I laughed.


Well, God wanted Ezekiel to really have His Word go deep into His heart, 
so He had Ezekiel actually eat a scroll that had His words on it.

Hmmm,  Jason thought.

Do you know what it tasted like?

Uh, no, Jason grimaced.

It tasted like honey.  
Isn't that amazing... I thought it would taste gross.  
But that is how God wants His Word to taste to us... sweet like honey.

I think this is enough concept for me, Mom.

I thought that was hilarious... enough concept!!  

God's word is sweet, even when it's hard.  
But sometimes I have to stop and ponder for a while, too.  
Sometimes I've had enough concept, too, and I have to meditate for a while.  
To  let it really sink in... to really digest it.

God is patient with me... and then I'm ready for some more concept!  

Ready to eat some more scroll!


hannah singer said...

linda, amen!
i am super loving this. your writing always rings true.
i'm ready for more scroll, too!


Jodi said...

Love it! And I love the funny things kids say - how cute :)

Shanna said...

Too funny, put a smile on my face! I love the picture, he is so handsome!
xoxo, Shanna

Simply Sara said...

you are so fun.
i love your writing style.
truly- WRITE A BOOK!!!
i'll buy it!

i lovey love love this post!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

What a wonderful lesson and I love the humor our children add to it. :) The other day I told my son Ben that we were going to IKEA and he said "that's the short guy from the Bible!" IKEA = Zaccheus. :)

Denise said...

your boy sounds like my boy when he's had enough, "concept."

his word is hard to chew sometimes, but so so so nourishing. i just finished leviticus and am now in hebrews. leviticus is hard to chew, and swallow, and digest. but hebrews is now making sense of that meal. i like how God does that. feeds me eggplant and fish (blech), and shows me in hind-sight how good it was for me.

Erica Wiggenhorn said...

Linda I am laughing out loud after reading this! LOVE it! Love your false assumptions post too- your honesty is exhilarating and refreshing!!

Keep writing have a gift!!

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