Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

gave me a blogging award last week.  

Have you met her yet?  She is adorable, spunky and crafty.  
She also loves being a part of God's Kingdom work... 
ministering to oppressed women and helping them to be set free.  
I love that.  It inspires me.

There are rules for this award, but I don't feel like following rules today.  
I'm such a rebel, aren't I?  
But I would like to share with you a couple other "new to me" blogs that I found just in the past year 
that have also been inspirational in my life.

Hannah encourages me so much with her happy personality and all the Scripture and heartfelt words she posts.
She makes me smile.

I love her Grace on a Thursday.  She has such a beautiful way of weaving truth and grace into my life.
I look forward to it.

 Tamera is an amazing artist.
She has a keen eye for beauty and makes jewelry.
I'm learning from her as she is in a transitional stage in her life.

Ok, I'll follow one of the rules by filling out this form.


1.  name your fave song  
"in your eyes" by peter gabriel (patrick's & my song)
"amazing grace (my chains are gone)" by chris tomlin

2.  name your fave dessert  
chocolate. period.

3.  what ticks you off  
when peeps are judgmental (stole this from Andee)
especially because i can be this way if i don't watch it

4.  when i'm upset i...  
sometimes have a tantrum
pray and tell God about it
ask for help from my loved ones

5.  what's your fave pet   
sophie, my little chihuahua/terrier mix
she has a great story you can read about here

6.  black or white  

7.  biggest fears  
pleasing people instead of God 

8.  everyday attitude
i want it to be joyful and loving
some days i make it, and some days i start again tomorrow

9.  what is perfection
the truth and grace of God in equal measure

10.  guilty pleasure
dancing with the stars? :)

 If you'd like to play along, link back to Andee's original post for all the official rules, k? 

I'll leave you with one more favorite for your weekend.
I adore this video.
It is pure smiles.


Denise said...

1. just yesterday i was listening to "in your eyes" and saying this is my favorite "the light the heat, oh i want to be that complete."

2. heath toffee crunch cheesecake- made by michael.

3. lies.

4. same as yours.

5. belle. she went to "the farm" last oct.

6. black

7. losing michael or one of my kids. abandonment.

8. loving blessing silly sad overcoming breathing

9. "when i finally make it home"

10. chocolate in my closet.

Amy said...

mmmmmm, chocolate! :)
I didn't know you had a chihuahua terrier mix! Two of my dogs(brother and sister) are too!! She is cute, her features are similar to my dog Mandy. I just hope yours doesn't have as many health problems that mine has had.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

I love you sweet rebel!

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

That was supposed to be an "xo" not 'so' ha

hannah singer said...

you are too sweet!
i really appreciate you.
you know that, right?


hannah singer said...

oh! and that video is so darling and joyful! LOVE.

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

I am so with you on fearing that I will want to please others instead of God. I struggle daily but am thankful for his grace that he shows me daily. Love Dancing with the Stars! I can't wait for it to start again :)

raining sheep said...

Awww, such lovely thoughts you left on my blog. Thank you. LOVE the video.

two birds said...

#3 is such a fantastic answer!!

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