Friday, January 6, 2012

A Dilemma?

I think there may be two or three men who read my blog... my husband, who won't care about this post and maybe one or two other guys.  So to the one or two other guys, you may want to skip this feminine post.  Consider yourselves duly warned.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my annual.  Except that it wasn't really an "annual" since I hadn't gone since Jason was born which was, ahem.... six and a half years ago.  I know, I'm bad.  Please don't follow my poor example.  Get yourselves checked out regularly.  Early detection and avoiding bad stuff like cancer and all that.

Anyway, the doc (whom I happen to like a lot... he's helped me with hormonal balancing and such) said things were looking just fine, and he didn't expect anything abnormal to come back on my test results either.  Oh, good.  But then he said something kind of interesting.  

Have I talked to you about bras yet, he asked.

Well, no, I don't think so.

He then informed me that he doesn't recommend them.  He talked about lymph glands and such.  Said some stuff about women's bodies being healthier without them and that they didn't have any bearing on sagging.  He gave me some statistics that kind of flew around my head.

Trying not to look perplexed, I laid there in my flimsy pink gown trying to process this information.

Have you ever seen Joe Versus the Volcano?  There's a character who repeatedly says, "I have no response to that."  I think her name is Angelica.

I was laying there on the exam table thinking.  Hmmm... not wear a bra.  Then in my head, in my Angelica voice I thought... I have no response to that.  I just don't.  I mean, where do I begin.  I have heard and read a lot of medical advice in the past year, but this one was just unexpected.

Consequently, I began having visions of myself at a Joan Baez concert dressed in a flowy, embroidered tunic with a garland of daisies adorning my head.  I was singing Kumbaya and frolicking in the tall grass with the earth squishing between my toes.  It was sort of nice, I guess.  

But then I envisioned myself after the concert in normal clothes, and that wasn't as nice.  I was crossing my arms a lot and looking down awkwardly.  The people in this vision were also looking down awkwardly. It was all very awkward.

So I am quite unsure what to do with this advice.  Are you feeling as awkward as I am?  Does this call for a bra burning?  I am so perplexed. 

Please tell me your thoughts.


hannah singer said...

linda, first, LOVE your reference to joe vs. the volcano. a genius, favorite movie. brilliant.

also, what the heck?! laughing out loud over here. i loathe wearing a bra, but, uh...i need to. and everyone else around me appreciates it, no doubt. good grief, i may consider trying without one, if EVERYone else tried, too:) maybe.
i am totally bringing this up to my doctor:)

love you, sweet lady!

Sandy said...

If we loosen up our bras a bit would the lymphatic fluids flow favorably without freaking out the folks?

Jen said...

Is your doctor young and single? I mean, maybe he has an agenda for your small town...just sayin ;) Or maybe he's an older which case he sounds like an old perv with an agenda...hmmm...either way I think I would keep my bra on :)

Denise said...

ummm. uuhhh. huuhhh??

if this guy would like to give me a free lift; put the "big girls" back where they were pre-mamahood, then i'll go braless. until then i'm going to love myself and everyone else around me and ear my "over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder."

Susan said...

Obviously your doctor didn't breastfeed 3 children for a year each!! LOL.
If I went braless it would be...awkward. Very, very awkward. And National Geographic cover-like. A little.

Jen W said...

Should I admit this publicly? I go braless as often as I can! I'm not well-endowed, so I don't need a bra for support or comfort when I'm not bouncing around violently. I never wear a bra at home, and I often don't wear one if I'm wearing a thick, loose fitting top (sweatshirt with a T-shirt underneath, for example) to run to the store or walk the dogs. Not when I'm going to be around people hanging out though. But that's more a social comfort thing than a physical comfort thing.

I've actually heard his reasoning before, but I've never heard an actual, real life doctor say it. Usually it's the crunchy granola books or websites that say "such and such doctor said. . ." or "such and such study indicates. . ."

Simply Sara said...

first of all. have i ever told you that i think you need to write a book?
well i do.
and you should.
you are awesome.
i would buy it.

second. yes awkward.
so very, very awkward.
no one wants me to go braless. it would be...well, after 4 breastfed kids let's just not even go there!

Amy said...

Very strange. I think maybe he's really a closet perv. that tells women this hoping to fulfill a fantasy of seeing women out and about without bras?
But really I think I've heard somewhere about it but the fact of the matter is(like you said) you feel so exposed and awkward with the girls just hanging out having a great time dancing around all day. I will keep wearing my bra every day thank you very much doc.

Linda Z said...

You girls are cracking me up. There's obviously not going to be any kind of revolution in this area. :) Just say no to this kind of public awkward! :)

Cassi said...

I have never heard that before. In fact the first thing they asked my Grandma after her breast cancer surgery is when she would like to pick out a new bra. So it seems odd but I have never looked into it. I too am with Jen W and am small enought to not care either way.

~julee~ said...

I'm pretty sure this is the one medical research report that most men would stand behind,, no. Just, no. There are some things that are unhealthy that I'm just gonna have to do anyay. Wearing a bra is one of them. (Diet Coke and insane amounts of chocolate may or may not be on that list, too.)

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

I'm kinda glad to hear it, because I never wear one at home, so hopefully that helps. But go out without one?

I don't think I could do it. And my bras are all sort of loose, like one of your commenters said. Because I can't stand to wear anything confining!

Jebraun said...

A little late joining this discussion but here goes...what the heck? I happen to LOVE my bra. It is my best clothing friend. On the list even before those great little, uh, big panties that suck in all the loose bits so I can wear anything tighter than a gunny sack. Sheesh, are those unhealthy too? I do confess to wearing a stretchy-no-underwire-half-tank-top-thingy but only when I'm at home. Alone. And don't plan on going anywhere.

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