Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas-ey Edition

WIWW #18

pleated poppy

Tis the Season.  
This weekend I went to a couple fun Christmas events.
Sweater & Tunic: Marshalls; Jeggings: Walmart; Socks & Boots: B'day gifts from Macy's;
Earrings: Lisa Leonard Designs

I went to a Christmas concert with my friend, Judith.  Isn't her skirt pretty?
This embroidered tunic I'm wearing keeps shrinking.
I'm bummed about that, cause it's a favorite.
It's starting to cut off the circulation in my armpit region, 
but I will wear it until my arms turn completely purple.
Won't that be a pretty sight?

Sweater: ?; Skirt: Casual Corner Outlet; Tights: Target; Shoes: Nine West Outlet

Wore this for my son's school Christmas party.
I love this skirt.  I've had it for at least 13 years.
It is soft and suede-like, and I'll wear it until I can't fit in it anymore!
This year I paired it with plum colored tights.
I wish you could see the clash... sorry about the bad lighting!
Never thought of wearing purple and red together, but I really liked it!
Do you ever mix weird colors?

Gift from my mom

And these are my Christmas socks.
I put them on, and then I raise my eyebrow and say this to the kids...
"Run, run as fast as you can,
I'm gonna catch you, 
cause I'm the Gingerbread Mom."
They squeal and run.

And when I catch them, I give them a big Christmas kiss!


ChristyB said...

I love your leggings outfit! I tried leggings for the first time the other day and I LOVE them! So comfortable.

Lindsay said...

Love your first outfit! I can see why you're bummed about the tunic shrinking -- it's really cute!

Jodi said...

It would be sacrilege not to wear that brown tunic to death, it's so so cute! I love the whole outfit. And props to you for being able to fit into the same skirt for 13 years - WOW.

skippysays said...

Love love love your first outfit! The detailing on the dress is so pretty, and that yellow cardigan is the perfect finishing touch :)

Caitlin@cait. create. said...

Cute Christmas socks!! :) My kids love Christmas socks. I always get them at the dollar section at Target :) Cute skirt too!

cate @ wildruffle said...

Maybe you could cut slits into that cute little tunic - if you hide it under a cardi no one would ever know! I would hate for you to lose your arms, no matter how terrific a tunic it may be;) And I love that you combined red with purple - it's a great combo!

Shannon Olson said...

Your white sweater is really pretty!
I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
over on my blog , hope you join in =)

Susan said...

Love that tunic! Wear it until your arms turn purple FOR SURE.

Denise said...

don't dry the tunic in the dryer! i air dry ALL of my clothes for this reason.

i have snowman socks. they make my feet happy. if i chased my kids in them they would melt.

Cassi said...

I love the tunic. Cut the armholes bigger and just make sure you never take of the cardi :)

Elyssa said...

Look at you rockin' the legging look! I'm not brave enough to try that yet! You look great! I have a few pieces I'll hold onto as long as I can too!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Such a happy lively post my the are so beautiful!!!

hannah singer said...

you are adorable, always.
but the socks are my total faves.

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

You are so cute. Love that tunic?
Merry Christmas!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

LOVE your Christmas socks. You are such a blessing and such a great mom. Thankful for you! Merry Christmas!

TDM Wendy said...

Lookin' good mama!

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