Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Op

 Do you have any holiday traditions?

We have this photo op thing that we do.

It always starts out pretty normally...

By the end, we may as well be on some ride at Disneyland.

It's pretty fun.

There's always some type of jumping involved.

My brother-in-law had to work, but he drove up unexpectedly after a 5 hour plane flight.

When he got here, he didn't ask about the turkey... 
he wanted to know if we already did the photos.
They are that much of a tradition.

We ended up taking photos with him the next day.

We're all giving him the thumbs up, cause he was in The Muppets.
It was the first time he wasn't a terrorist or a murder victim, so the kids got to go.
The movie was hilarious... we laughed ourselves silly.
Alvin is in the anger management scene, and you can see him in back of Jack Black
for all of about 3.7 seconds before the fight breaks out.

When we got back, he said I should take his new-to-him car on a "love cruise" with Patrick.
You are actually going to allow me to drive this? I asked.
He apparently hasn't read about my tendency to do donuts in vacant lots.

But who was I to argue with his wishes.
Ummm... this car has serious power.  
Could go 80 mph with just a slight tap on the gas pedal kind of power.
(Not that I did or anything.)
It was exhilarating!! 
Nothing against my sweet van, but I think I might need one of these, someday!
I think a Mustang would go really well with my ballet flats, don't you? 
It's a total mom car, right?


Monica and Whitney said...

I'm so in love with that colorful bag!

Ask the Duplex

CoachZ said...

I love our photo tradition, I love all of our traditions...too bad Alvin didn't make it this year. Hopefully next!

You look super SEXY next to that Stang...even more so driving it!

Maybe someday should be now ;-)

Simply Sara said...

ok. i think you guys win the award the the most fun tradition EVER.

seriously! i love it!

i kinda want to steal it :)

and yup. that car is a total mom car :)

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

{cuppakim} said...

love that this is his first question.
the photos are so cute.
you guys are a cute fam!

Denise said...

total mom car! you should get one...and take me for a long ride, enjoy a long talk {car talks are always the best}, followed by donuts.

Megan said...

What cute family photos! I love the quirky ones :)

Susan said...

1. I would have warned him about your donut tendencies. Lol!
2. Those pics are hilarious! Love them all. Your husband's expressions are pricesless.
And 3. Link up that first outfit to W.I.W. Hello fabulous!
Longest comment ever....

Cassi said...

I love this tradition what a fun memory your kids will have. Mouse and Steve are going to the movie on Saturday they will have to look for him

ChristyB said...

LOVE your family photo tradition! You all are so cute.

I think you do need a mom car like that. When my youngest turns 16, I'm totally going back to a sports car.

Heather said...

That photo session is AWESOME! I love it!!
Never argue with an offer to "love cruise" with the hubs, especially if child care comes with it!
Mustang + ballet flats = perfection

~julee~ said...

How cute are your parents?? Super cute!

Kristen said...

the family photo tradition is great. the pictures were so funny!

i am glad to hear the muppets was good. i have been debating on taking the kids to see it.

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