Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fabulous Forty

WIWW # 16

pleated poppy

The Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday.  The BIG 4-0.  I've lived 4 decades.
I've reached fabulous forty!

Tunic: Ross; Belt: F21; Jeggings: Walmart; Shoes: Naturalizers

I stopped dying my hair last year.
Now I have my very own unplanned ombre treatment and I'm starting to sport a nice little streak of gray.
I earned every bit of my gray.

I might try and get a big enough streak going so  I can be like Stacy London.
She seems to be very comfortable with her gray.
I am 40 now... I can be comfortable, too.
Or I might go buy another box of color... I haven't decided yet.
But I can do what I want though, because I'm forty.

Pintuck Shirt: Kmart; Scarf: gift; Belt: Goodwill; Same Jeggings; Socks & Boots: Macy's

I now introduce you to the birthday boots.
Patrick asked me what I wanted for my fortieth.  If you could have anything, he said.
What I wanted was a healthy, healed mind and body... but the stores were fresh out.

So I opted for some sweet boots and knee socks..
These babies are leather, they are so comfy, and I want to wear them even when I sleep.
I wore them for the first time when I went with a November birthday bestie to see Wynonna on Sunday.
I felt sassy in my boots.
Wy actually mentioned that when you turn forty you get kinda sassy.
It's true.
I am way more sassy than when I was in my thirties.
The sass is literally oozing out of my boots as I write.

Shirt: Vintage thrifted; Skirt: Gap thrifted; Belt: Thrifted; Boots & Socks: Macy's

And this, my friends is my tribute to the year of my birth... 
Good old 1971
I feel oddly comfortable in this get up.
The 1970's school teacher look.
I don't know what people think of my big old collar, but I'm feeling groovy.

Groovy AND sassy.
Yes, the forties are going to be fabulous.

I tried to see if I could think of 40 things I've learned at forty.
If you'd like to read some midlife wisdom... here you go.

40 Things I've Learned at Forty

It's very serious and sage-like.
Kind of like Yoda or Gandalf, but in a 40-year-old woman way.
I wore a long, hooded tunic when I wrote it...
no I didn't, I wore pajamas.


Shanna said...

Happy Birthday! Love all the outfits, very hip:) xoxo, Shanna

Susan said...

Happy 40th Birthday!!!
It is true. 40 brings on the sassy ~ a certain comfort.
You look lovely and I'm digging the new boots.

Susanne said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. i'm loving your boots. you don't look anywhere near 40! rock it, girl!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I can only wish I look as fabulous as you do when I turn 40!!

Cassi said...

Happy Birthday, You are looking stellar for 40! Keep up the sass :)

ChristyB said...

Wow! You are making 40 look good. Happy birthday!! Love the new boots.

Denise said...

i will be sassier at 40!?! watch out world. watch out!

"gray hair is a crown of splendor attained by a righteous life." congratulations on your righteousness.

your boots are great. are a beauty!

happy 40th, linda!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Linda! Love the new boots and knee socks :) Wish I could pull that look off- you go girl!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! you are amazing!

The Farrier's Daughter said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love what you said about earning every bit of your gray...everyone should be so confident and proud!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Happy birthday, ADORABLE outfits, and you look like you're 20. No joke, I have a hard time reconciling in my head that you're 40 you lucky lady you!

~julee~ said...

Happy Birthday, Sassy!

Jeanna said...

Girl you look awesome for 40! Love all your super cute outfits.

Jeanna @

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Happy Birthday Linda! You look groovy, sassy and beautiful! When my time comes I hope I can pull of 40 as well as you do. And I loved your 40 Things - thanks for #27 specifically. I needed that one today as I'm not finding the Terrible 2s all that funny!

Caitlin@cait. create. said...

Happy Birthday! I love the birthday boots! :)

Cindy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
I like your sassy attitude. The older we get the less we care about what others think of us. I love to please my God and my husband, and I don't really care what anybody thinks of it or me.
Enjoy every day of your forties, they are a wonderful time in life. Treat your body carefully, give it what is good for it.
I'm speaking from the lofty age of fifty-three.;)
Your outfits are great, you look wonderful for being 40! And there is nothing wrong with some grey in your tresses, I'm sure you have earned every one of them!
Hugs, Cindy

Lisa @ MMT said...

Happy Birthday!
I've gotta say, there's not way you look 40!
Cute outfits too!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Oh my gosh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are a beautiful 40 in wonderful outfits.

Great boots, too! And knee socks. I can never find those but I guess I just haven't been looking in the right place.

My WIWW Post

skippysays said...

Happy birthday! I'm not just saying this to be nice- i swear- but you don't look anywhere near 40! I would have guessed 30. That sassy attitude of yours really helps too :) Love that third outfit with the skirt and your adorable new boots!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Happy Birthday dear are so make 40.... something for the younger to aspire to be!

Sending you much love my friend!

Megan said...

VERY cute! Love the birthday boots :) Happy birthday and happy Friday!!

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

cute cute cute cute cute
Happy Birthday!
Go Sassy, I say. Go Sassy {with a capital S} all the way!
love the birthday boots. Love your sweet personality that just shines from every post you write.

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Happy Birthday Linda!!! I seriously can't even believe you are forty. You honestly look fabulous. You are a blessing to many!

Jodi said...

So much to comment on! Happy birthday! Love the boots! And the socks!! And the 1971 outfit! And your humor! This whole post! I could go on... alright I will, you do NOT look 40!!!

cate @ wildruffle said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you celebrated in a big way:)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday love!! You look Fantastic at 40! And I agree with your comment, I find myself getting a little more sassy the older I get.

Amber said...

Hey Birthday buddy, I have a face to the name now! Love those long boots, very stylish. Have a great thanksgiving darling. axx

Elyssa said...

You are hilarious.... "Sass is oozing out of my boots." :)

Lovely outfits! Happy belated birthday!

hannah singer said...

you're so pretty!! happy birthday!

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