Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Outtakes

WIWW #11
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Recently I have been wearing a lot of PJ's, cause I caught a nasty cold.

So I thought I'd share some summer outtakes... outfits I gave the old college try, 
but never quite made the grade. 

 Tee: Marshalls; Necklace & Belt: F21; Former Maxi Dress: Ross; Shoes: Naturalizers

It was the summer of 2010, and the temps got into the 90's which is unusual for my coastal town.  I went insane and had a Pedro moment, and I cut off the bottom of this maxi dress.  (If you haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, I'm sure that reference makes absolutely no sense... sorry.)  I tried to redeem it and make it a skirt, but I'm not thinking it really works.  And now I want my maxi back!  Boo.

 Fedora: F21, Ralph Lauren Tee: Marshalls; Belt: ?; Capris: old Old Navy; Shoes: Sperrys

This was the day I decided that a fedora, a cowboy belt with a large buckle, and topsiders would look good together.  Maybe I just thought the colors would work, I'm not sure.  This would probably be a good example of how not to dress eclectically.  If I switched out the belt, it might have worked.  Otherwise, we can call it "Cowboys & Aliens."

Tee & Shorts: Marshalls; Belt: ?; Scarf: New Frontiers; Shoes: Clarks

This is probably the least offensive of the three.  I just couldn't decide whether scarves are acceptable in the summer.  It also may or may not be acceptable that I bought the scarf at a grocery store.  Anyhow, it made me hot which is why I had to put my hair in a ponytail.  I will be 40 in two months... am I even allowed to wear ponytails anymore?  Who knows... I'm sure 'they' have rules on that, too.  Whoever 'they' are.

So what are your thoughts on these fashion fumbles?  
Do you ever look through your photos and say 'what was I thinking'?
Do you wear scarves in the summer or impulsively cut your clothes?
Am I asking too many questions?


Cassi said...

I actually really liked the last one with the scarf. I always want to wear my scarves in the summer too.

Shanna said...

I really like the last two... So comfy and casual! Super cute as always! xoxo, Shanna

hannah singer said...

linda, you crack me up!! the scarf is cute, and what amazing grocery store do you find one at?!

you are adorable and beautiful.
happy wednesday, make it great!

Kassie said...

The one with the scarf is my favorite! You look so cute and comfy! Who cares if its summer...who cares if you bought it at a grocery store! Not me! If you like it, then do it! And yes, you can wear your hair up! You definitely don't look like you're going to be 40! You're so stylish!

ChristyB said...

Haha. Outfit outtakes - what great idea. Though, I do think they are still pretty cute. I always wonder about the scarf in the summer thing, too.

Nav said...

i love the last outfit, just so comfy and looks put together!

I am gonna follow u, wanna follow back?

xo Nav

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

LOL! What a cute post :).

I never cut my clothes because I can't sew and I'd be afraid to mess something up that I couldn't repair. I do wear scarves in the summer until it gets too hot and then I just can't do it, even if I know it would add to the outfit.

Your outfit with the scarf looks great, though!

Hope you feel better soon!

My WIWW Post

Anna said...

love love love the 2nd outfit!

Anonymous said...

So should I be embarrassed to admit that I like all three and don't seen any fumbles here!? I love the belted maxi/skirt look ... I love the fedora and cuffed jeans ... and a scarf works with any outfit. I think you look great in all 3!

Jen said...

I came to #3 and said to myself, "what's wrong with this outfit- it looks super cute to me!"

Cut a few inches off the bottom of the maxi skirt and use that material to make some new shoulder straps. Then you'll have a cute summer dress!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Great post, you crack me up! I really like the scarf and shorts look, but I can see how it would be hot. It look awesome for almost 40...and yes you can still wear a ponytail!

Heather said...

um... I am not seeing any fumbles here. Each outfit looks great - really! The hat is darling on you and I don't follow rules either - scarves are OK in my book. If you can handle the heat, that is! Love the reference to Pedro! :)

Karen said...

Love your hair in a ponytail! Cute scarf, too!

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

I definitely know what you mean - happens to me all the time (but I don't think any of these are bad at all)

Susan said...

Tell me you're kidding...they all look sweet! And you're definitely a hat girl - might throw it on with outfit 3 next time!

xo Olivia (I'll have you know I did my own rendition of Let's get Physical for my colleagues today after reading your comment!)

Tamera Beardsley said...

Oh my dear, is that little critical voice whispering in your ear, because....I am sorry to disagree with you...
quite rude in a comment.....but you look adorable in all three! I especially love the 'eclectic outfit".

I have realized I really enjoy wearing light weight scarves in the summer, as long as it is isn't unbearably hot out....such a quick easy way to add style to basics.

Thank you so for your kind offer for Ellis to visit...if she wants to be with a are such a dear...with such a large heart! Next time I'm up there I would love to take you up on the beach walk!!!

Alissa said...

Such a fun post. And I can't believe that necklace in #1 came from Forever 21! Adorable.

I love your third outfit, too. Definitely doesn't belong on the outtakes list. :)

Courtney and Heather said...

No fumbles at all. Love all three!



Denise said...

EVERYTHING is adorable.

you are the CuTeSt!!!

PLEEEAAASSSEEEE come help me pick an outfit to wear next week to blogsugar {oh, i wish you were coming!!!!!}.

Denise said...

and 40yr olds can wear ponytails because i say so.

Flor said...

I think the rule should be that ponytails are allowed so long as your hair is long enough to tie it up :) Nothing to do with age lol :)
I love how you did outtakes.. but I have to agree with the others.. these really shouldnt be considered outtakes. I especially like the casual #2 outfit and the last outfit.. and I wear scarves in the summer too :)

Cindy said...

I like the maxi dress turned into a dress, I think it looks wonderful on you, just my thoughts! But, you did ask.
Hugs, Cindy

cate said...

I wear scarves in the summer - and you're never too old for a ponytail:)

Shannon Olson said...

I love the second and third look, especially the scarf! I have never been able to pull off the scarf, but it looks so stylish!

Jodi said...

I love summer scarves! Therefore, I love that outfit :) I didn't think any of them were awful though!

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