Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Friday Favorite

Today is, indeed, Saturday, but yesterday was Friday.  Something happened that made it a Friday Favorite for sure.

My beautiful, artistic, and amazing friend Gwen runs a quilting business.  Her front room is set up with a huge quilting machine and colorful fabrics.  She and some of her quilting buddies also started a little quilters' club, and unbeknownst to me, they have been making me a quilt!  They have prayed for me while I've been on my road to recovery, and making me this gorgeous covering for tangible love and comfort.

Isn't it wonderful??

I was so blessed... I couldn't help but cry.  To think that they labored over this piece of artwork for me was just more than I could take in.

Gwen said she remembered that I like "Lord of the Rings" colors, so they used the reds, greens, tans, and mustards of Middle Earth.  It's like Rohan became a blanket.  (Yes, I am very nerdy... it's useless to try and hide that.)

So thank you  so very much to Gwen and her group for showing God's love in such a lovely way.  It's a treasure I will enjoy for many years to come.  My heart is full.


Elyssa said...

That's so special!

Sarah said...

Linda, it's beautiful! The colors are so pretty and nerdy, what more could you ask for?

Linda Z said...

Some thoughts I want to remember from Facebook...

Cathy C.-- That is an absolute beautiful thing...both the blanket and the thought behind it. You have some very special friends! Always praying for you!

Gwen -- We were blessed! :) Thanks to our Calvaryslo Quilters= Gina, Olivia, Latisha, and I and Jesus Christ our leader!

Teryne -- What wonderful, loving friends you have. I'm so glad as you're so far away from most of the family. Blessings to you and them.

Roxanne -- very beautiful, so happy for you

Katherine -- Happy tears from me too!! :)

Nancy Q. -- It is gorgeous.

Suzie -- Incredibly wonderful! I am blessed by this.

Cami -- Linda, you are very blessed indeed! Truly, truly beautiful quilt and friends :)

Stephanie L. -- So wonderful!

Mom -- So beautiful, and what wonderful friends to bless you this way. Made me cry... happy tears.

Heather said...

Wow! It's so beautiful. And more so because it is a gift of love from some friends.

Tamera Beardsley said...

oh my dear....the beauty of their love made tears roll for me.... what a gift for you to hold onto...and you are loved.,,,and,,,, They are so lucky to have the likes of you in their life.......

Denise said...

love. a lot. the quilt is beautiful and the fighting for you in prayer more beautiful.

a week before my wedding a friend invited me to dinner. i thought it was just her and i but was taken to a home where my former co-workers were waiting for me. we had had a difficult year at the school we worked at and 6 months earlier they had come together to make me a quilt. they prayed for me. prayed for their hurt. found healing.

needless to say i was BLESSED!

the name of the quilt is "surrounded by His love."

it use to hang behind our bed. you might recall (if you read caleb's story) that when we came home from the hospital with caleb, we cut a piece from the bottom of the quilt and wrapped his tiny body in it, before we buried him. surrounded him with His love, and gave him a piece of a family heirloom, just as his siblings will one day get.

so that is my quilt story.

i wonder what stories will be in your quilt's future?

love you.

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