Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrifty Take

WIWW #10

pleated poppy

Last week Lindsey put out the challenge to include some thrifted pieces in this week's post.
Since I normally have something or other thrifted in most of my posts already, I decided to try a couple completely thrifted outfits.
Or at least almost completely.

Here's what I came up with.

 Top ($3) & Skirt ($3.75): Gap, both thrifted; Belt: my husband's; Bracelet: family heirloom;
Necklace ($3): Mervyn's; Wedges: Clarks

I figured my husband wouldn't notice if I snagged his belt, but he noticed it first thing.
He said it was cute... so maybe I'll be borrowing from him more often!
Do you do that?

Whole outfit thrifted!
Jacket ($6): Mossimo; Top ($3): Dress Barn; Belt ($2): Some gen.u.ine snakeskin; Jeans ($5): Gap

I'm really liking florals again. 
I've never mixed florals and military together, but why not?

Pintuck blouse ($3): ??; Same jeans ($5); Gap... both thrifted;
Shoes: old Payless; Necklace ($4): F21; Bracelets: gift, heirloom

This blouse was a bit big on me.  I was going to take it in, but tying a knot was a lot faster. :)

Do you like to go thrifting?  I hadn't done it in a while and now I'm a bit rehooked.
I got it from my mom... except she loves garage sales.
She always says her car automatically turns when it sees a garage sale sign.

So I guess it's in my blood!!
 Oh, and mom, I'm posting this at midnight cause Josh is up with an ouchy throat!  Boo!


Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

you should keep mixing the military and florals! it looks darling! and i can't believe that whole outfit is thrifted! seriously amazing...i think i need you to teach me.

you look darling love all the outfits!

Flor said...

Oh Linda, that floral top with that military style jacket is ADORABLE! I would never have thought to pair it together! You did an excellent job with the challenge! I, personally, am not a thrifter.. my kids get restless when I shop :(

Stacey said...

You look great! I love it all. I have one Thrifting question.

Do you buy it if it is "almost" but not quite what you are after? Or do you only buy it if you love it?

I went to a great Goodwill Store, and found a couple things that were ok, but not quite right. Wondering, am I being to picky??


Lindsay said...

I love your second outfit! The red belt is perfect. :)

Elyssa said...

I LOVE the military and floral mix. It's perfect! You've got a winner!

I love thrifting! I used to go every week, but now that I'm married and have a baby I only go every couple of weeks. (Probably a good thing for the wallet.)

p.s. I also love how you tied the belt. Did you wrap it around once and then loop it through?

cate said...

Great job thrifting it all! You look so great!! Fun idea with stealing the belt.:)

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Beautiful outfits. I'm loving your belts. I never thought of snatching one from my husband but I will keep that in mind. Stop by sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the floral/military look!

Alissa said...

I'm starting to get re-hooked on thrifting, too. I have yet to find a favorite thrift shop in the area, but I do have a favorite consignment shop. It never fails. I find the best outfits there!

I love your thrifted finds!

ChristyB said...

The second outfit with the floral top and matching belt is adorable! Great job on meeting the challenge. I'm not much of a thrifter but I keep thinking I should give it another try.

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Linda, I really, really like the look with the floral top and military jacket--and that red belt is just SO GOOD.

Sarah@totalbassetcase said...

Cute cute cute!!

I always steal my husbands belts! Sometimes they just work better!

Susan said...

I love the floral/military mix! And the very last shirt - so cute.

I may need to get into this thrifting thing - everyone's stuff is so great.

moreygirl said...

oh, I love that floral with the army jacket and that red belt!! Cute cute!

Mindie Hilton said...

I love all three looks, I think the 2nd might be my favorite though.

This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.
I currently have a fun anything goes linky at my blog that runs Friday through Monday each week. I just announced a new monthly “desperate 4 date night” linky and would love for you to join in on the fun. Here is the link explaing more.

Thanks for you time and hope to see you soon.

Nicole said...

PS I also have a significant place in my heart for the unborn :) I'm your newest follower. Thanks for being a strong witness for life.

Nicole said...

Also, you totally rocked these outfits! :) Looks expensive & classy (no one has to know it isn't pricey! except all us readers, I guess)

Angela at Our Family Journey said...

All your outfits are cute, cute, cute. I love that floral shirt!!

Shelly said...

Oh my, how do I love your hair. I spend and hour on mine and it looks great...until I walk out of the bathroom.


Jodi said...

Your 2nd outfit is definitely my fave, well done on mixing it up... and going all thrift! ;) I haven't tried my hubby's belts before but I sure like that tied belt look so I might have to try his!

Ryan and Camille said...

Love it! I love thrifting too, although I'm not nearly as talented at spotting the good stuff as you are!

Denise said...

that floral top with the army jacket and red belt does NOT LOOK GOOD ON YOU! i can take it off your hands if you NEED me too. :-)

i do not go to thrift stores. people in my neck of the hills only wear padigonia fleece vest and wool socks with keens. i can't reinvest in that. ick.

i need to come shopping with you (or in your closet).

Monica and Whitney said...

That floral top is perfect!

Ask the Duplex

Anna said...

all these outfits are super cute - and draw attention to your tiny waist! you look great!

xxo, Simplystylishmom

hannah singer said...

cute outfits! i love that you wore your husband's belt:) the second look, the jacket and the floral top, is my fave! xo

Jason and Kate said...

You totally rocked the floral/military. It makes me want to go on a hunt for an outfit like that now....thrifted of course!


Modern Wivelyhood said...

All cute! I love the red belt, green jacket and floral shirt! I need to shop where you're shopping!

Alyssa said...

You have super cute belts! I love them!!

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