Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Spit Take

(For those of you who have impeccable manners, I do apologize for this post.)

Lately, Joshua has been practicing prat falls to add to his comedic arsenal.  He is getting pretty believable, too, as there have been many times I have run to the sliding door to make sure he is okay, after hearing the crash of his scooter ripping across the pavement, followed by groans of pain.  Just practicing, he'll say.

Yesterday, we were at the park, and Josh launched a projectile of water at the drinking fountain.  His eyes locked on mine, wondering if I would call him out on it.  Instead, I told him he should learn how to do a 'spit take.'  

What's that, he asked. 

It's a comedy gag... you know, like a prat fall or a pie in the face.  One of the characters will say something funny or shocking just when the other character is taking a drink, and then he'll spit it out all over the first character.

Oh ya!  And he and his brother started working on their delivery.  Then I showed them some proper mouth formation to make a really fine mist.  You can cover far more area that way.  We laughed so hard.

Later that evening, I was recalling the time I accidentally did a spit take on Patrick.  We were on our honeymoon, married a mere few days.  Driving through Santa Cruz, we came to a signal, and I took a huge swig of water out of a bottle.  I have no idea what struck me funny at that precise moment in time, but it must have been hilarious, because I turned and spit the entire mouthful all over Patrick's face (in a super fine mist, I might add).  What made it even more amusing was his reaction.  He just sat there, his expression completely unchanged, with large drops of water dripping of his face and onto his shirt.  The pedestrians looked on with puzzled expressions, in utter amazement.  And I was laughing so hard I thought my sides would split.  Patrick wiped his face on his shirt sleeve, the light changed and he just kept driving.  I tried to stifle my laughter through my nose, but his straight man response just made it that much more funny.

As we were saying goodnight, yesterday, I said I was so sorry for spitting all over him.

No, you're not, he replied.  And I started giggling until I fell asleep.

While this may not seem like a big deal, to me it is an evidence of God's grace.  It is evidence that my body is healing and I am conquering depression.  I can laugh at the present and the days to come.  And I am so thankful for that... even if it takes silly things like 'spit takes' to realize it.


Amy said...

Oh my....you really had me laughing out loud!!! What a great story! I love that you were working on this with your son, that's some really great bonding time I'm sure he'll always cherish.

CoachZ said...

They'll never forget this! Just like we never forgot about the incident on our honeymoon!

You also forgot to say that last night after I said you weren't sorry you admitted you weren't! Good time ;-)

Linda Z said...

Thanks for outing me. I am not sorry... and I am still laughing about it right now!


Bethany said...

I LOVE THIS! Linda, I praise the Lord for you always, and what incredible healing He is giving you in such obvious ways :)

Denise said...

you are a fun mommy!

if you "spit take" on me, i guarantee i will not be straight faced. i will side splitting laugh, and likely wet myself!!!

for your sake i'm glad you are laughing and healing.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Such a wonderful fresh story my dear! So happy you are healing!

Simply Sara said...

i am smiling so big over here.

i love that you are conquering.

i love that you are laughing.

i love that you are teaching your boys to be silly.

and i love that you aren't sorry :D
(sorry patrick)

Susan said...

I love this story! I am sure he thinks his mama is even more awesome because of it.
Thanks for your wisdom re: the no sleep thing. I may try those next.

Did I mention you look like MSM in your profile pic on blog? Yeah, I did. It is UNCANNY!!

Linda Z said...

Ya, Susan, I've heard Mary-Louise Parker and Anne Hathaway. During the election I sometimes got Sarah Palin/Tina Fey. :)

You remind me of Olivia Newton-John :)

Heather said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is hysterical and I love it. You are the COOLEST mom ever! I want to be as cool as you. I need to teach my boys this... but I'll wait for the occasion to arise.

Jodi said...

Cool mom award goes to you for sure... I've never heard the terms prat fall or spit-take before! Mainly I loved the ending of this post though... love God's grace :)

Elyssa said...

:) Funny! What a cool mom!

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