Monday, August 29, 2011

Neighborhood Watch


There's been a series of robberies in my neighborhood recently.  Right on my street, in fact.  It's a little bit unnerving.  The perps have jimmied open doors, and one was found actually in someone's house in the middle of the night.  Yikes... that's a pretty bold thief.

I love leaving doors open... so much so, that flies end up in the house, much to my husband's chagrin.    My perfect door situation would be two sets of white French doors on a wall adjacent to my backyard.  They would be swung open any time it is remotely warm.

Anyway, now I feel like keeping my doors locked all the time, which is a big bummer... I'm not sure if it is better to feel less vulnerable, or to suffocate in the confines of my home while watching the breeze move the branches of my willow tree, yet not being able to breath in the fresh air.  Sigh.  I feel so incredibly melodramatic right now.

The police are frequenting the area, which makes me feel a bit more secure.

They are actually pretty good about patrolling our street.  One night, when Jason was a baby, Patrick was driving around the neighborhood very slowly in the dead of night.  In our dark blue van, I might add.  He got pulled over for suspicious behavior.

What is your business this time of night, the officer asked, shining his mag light in Patrick's eyes.

I'm just trying to get my baby back to sleep, he answered.

The officer understood... he must have been a dad.

Tell me you have done that out of utter exhaustion... we can't be the only ones!

Oh, and would you leave the door open or lock it up tight?


Simply Sara said...

oh no! i'm so sad for you. i'm a scaredy cat so i'd be locking my doors for sure!

but i do love to keep the doors open around here. we have screen doors on the front and back door and so when there is a bit of a breeze it makes the house so, so lovely.

praying those mean burglars get caught soon!

and yes. we are most definitely with you on the driving the baby around in the car senario. we eventually got to the point where we'd just strap evan into his carseat- turn the dryer on and put his seat on top of the dryer. the sound and vibration of the dryer worked like a charm and we didn't have to leave the house :D

Shanna said...

My doors have to be locked, and the alarm on at all times! And since having kiddos, my fear of being alone has gotten worse at night. In a perfect world yes I would love to have my doors open, but we have too many mean people in this world. As for driving the kiddos around, haven't done it at night time, but I have when it comes to naptime and me needing a break! xoxo, Shanna

hannah singer said...

hmmm. i would love the doors open, too. may be wise to shut them though, not to invite them in:) an open door may be too much to resist! on the other hand, maybe i would leave them open. a thief would soon be sorry once he stepped in and met me. ha!
and if car riding worked for my son, we would so do that! he thinks the car is disneyland though, so he would stay awake. weirdo:)

praying for your safety and for those who mean to steal or harm you are removed from your path.

Jen said...

Yep, we used to drive around all the time with Avery when she was colicky. Been there, done that :)

As for leaving the doors open- I'd keep them closed until they found the thieves, then I would open then again. Or, you could get a really big dog?

Susan said...

OK. Do you live in my hood?? Same thing is happening here.
My next door neighbor's were broken into in broad daylight -
It is frightening.
LOCK the doors. Put on the alarm.

Heather said...

Lock your doors honey!!! I love the summer night beeeze, but NOT when there is a prowler loose on the streets. Keep 'em locked, even during the day. If this prowler is ballsy enough to go into someone's house at night, he may try it during the day too.

Denise said...

i'm afraid of the boogey man... my doors are always locked when i am home without michael. i even have sticks in the windows so they can only open so far. i wouldn't do well being in your situation. not well at all.

{cuppakim} said...

freaky! i live on the 3rd ish 4th ish floor - leaving my back door open always seemed a bit okay. but now we have crazy construction and scaffolding right up to my balcony. so i keep that puppy LOCKED.


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