Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red, White, and Stripes


pleated poppy

I love Independence Day!
In honor of the 4th of July I donned my red, white and blue all week.

I went to a fun little small town concert and listened to a patriotic band
and a women's barbershop group.

It was all very Mayberry, and I loved it.

Top: Marshalls; Capris: Old Navy (about a decade ago); Wedges: Clarks; Necklace:  Thrifted

I thrifted this necklace for $2, took it apart, restrung it to be a shorter necklace, as well as the bracelet in my last outfit of this post.
I have since made the necklace even shorter... my friend suggested it should be more of a choker, so it has been restyled yet again.

Tee: Marshalls; Striped Sweater: Ross; Shorts: Old Navy (old!); Belt: F21; Shoes: Clarks

This "sweater" is one of those "drapey" things  
(their official fashion term, I think), and it's always bugged me.
I decided to try it as a wrap... do you think it works this way?
How would you wear it?

Linen Blouse: Old Navy (super old, too); Tie Shorts: Marshalls; Bracelet: Thrifted, restyled;
Flip-flops: Reef (13 yrs & going strong!); Bag: Fossil via Gottschalks final clearance

I felt so Cape Cod in this outfit, so I found myself a great picket fence!
Should have worn my Topsiders!

Here are some dapper gentlemen at the concert.
I just love their American spirit!

Of course, I wouldn't want to cross that first guy, cause I wouldn't want to risk the roundhouse kick to the face from those bad boy pants of his!!

And look at this adorable, matching pair!
I hope Patrick and I end up this cute someday!!

How was your holiday weekend?


Anonymous said...

Such cute outfits:) Love that you got some fun shots of others' in their patriotic gear for the day!

Tamera Beardsley said...

What a beautiful post, you really captured some Americana spirit!

Monica Whitney said...

OH!!! I am so so so in love with those tie shorts. I must have them!

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sprinklesbowtique said...
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ChristyB said...

Very cute outfits. Impressive on repurposing the neclace!

Ashley said...

Love your striped shirt!!! Such a fun patriotic post:)

Dresses for Dinner said...

Great post!

Denise said...

all your outfits look terrific!

you are so thin.

i am having issues with shorts this year (ergh). your shorts look so great on you. i am jealous.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Hi dear, just wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog, you truly made my day!

Nicole said...

LOVE the last outfit! So classic!

Brassy Blossom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Linda!

I love the black and white stripped top with the belt. Super cute! :)

Simply Sara said...

i think you need to come to canada so you and i can go thrift shopping together!

love all your outfits.
especially your "drapey" one. i never though of making it a wrap. totally works and looks awesome. i have one that i'm gonna try that out on.

and yes. you are a super skinny minnie.
me jealous.

Sonya said...

Cute outfits!

CoachZ said...

I'm not sure I like all these super sexy poses being are going to need to make these private just for me! ;-)

Love ya hon and we are SO going to be as cute if not more cute than that couple in your pic!!! We'll need to thrift an outfit ;-)

Linda Z said...

Super sexy? Haha... I just snorted out my nose! Thank you honey, I hope you still feel that way when we are old and wearing our straw hats together!

Denise and Sara... you are kind, thanks! But you guys are skinny minnies, too. And there's no need to be jealous, cause it's all about being on a severely strict diet for my health, which is no fun at all. I have to focus on dressing cute to take my mind of my food! :P

Olivia said...

love the pics of the patriotism!!! Great job on the thrifted necklace, love that!!!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

such cute outfits! I love that striped top and the white blouse and blue shorts. DARLING!

and how cute are the matching couple. I'm going to force sam to match with me someday...and we will color cordinate all our outfits and go on a cruise every three months! hahah

Meredith said...

so pretty! love the bright colors. fun fun:)

Cassi said...

Ooooh, this post made me homesick! My home town had a very similar 4th of July celebration! I love the thought of the pants guy roundhousing you :) My papaw wears those same pants!

Thanks for stopping by my Europe 30x30 posts!

Cassi said...

Ha, I should be a bit clearer. I don't love the actual thought of you being roundhoused by the guy, just that you thought he could be capable of it :)

ashley @ little miss momma said...

you are beautiful and have an amazing sense of style! I MUST have that first shirt from marshalls--too cute!

Modern Wivelyhood said...

Love every single outfit, especially the "cape cod" one! Thanks for visiting our blog!

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments. Your weekend get-up looks comfy and classy too! And you're totally right...if a piece still works, why toss it?

sarah beth said...

thanks for stopping by (: i love your tie shorts and all your stripes! also, i love that you turned the "drape" into a wrap. i have a piece like that i might try that with now!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those tie shorts!!! You look great!

momstheword said...

I love your outfits, you look adorable! I love the red necklace with the blue and white striped shirt. I've been looking for one but haven't found one yet.

I love that your thrifted the necklace and restrung it shorter. What a great idea!

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