Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

Jason did a drawing of "UP" in his art camp.  I almost cry when I look at it.  I mean the first 10 minutes or so of that movie is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen.  A cartoon, mind you!

Here's a little snippet in case you haven't seen it, but get a tissue box, first.  Oh, Carl and Ellie.

Another favorite... we had a birthday party for little J-Bear on Sunday.  It was his first "big" party, and he had so much fun doing gymnastics with his friends.  Six already... he needs to stop growing!

Everything needed to be super easy, because I'm still struggling with my energy level.  The gym staff was so great and did almost everything for us.   I was so thankful!

Jason and I made some "trail mix" or maybe it should be called "gym mix" for the party.  Everybody loved it, and it was so simple... I thought I should share.

Pretzels, Trix cereal, Bunny Crackers (like goldfish), and Cookie Crisp cereal.  So colorful, fun and easy!  Jason loved "cooking" it together in the bowl. 

Next, have you heard of tiffins?  I just discovered them, and I think they are such a cute way to carry your lunch or meal, all separated in levels.   I also like that they are made of long lasting stainless steel, and you don't have to use plastic baggies.  Colorful ittle silicon cupcake liners can separate your food... so fun!


I wasn't sure why these appealed to me so much more than bento boxes.  Then Patrick looked at them and said they are "totally Anne of Green Gables."  I think that's it!  Didn't Anne carry around her lunch around in a little pail?  I love that my husband knew that about me... that these little tiffins would appeal to me on an Anne Shirley level!  He's watched the entire series with me... more than once.  He's a good guy!

Have you seen the short film "Validation"?  No?  I found it over here and really liked it. Check it out... watch the whole thing... there's a message! 

Smiles and encouragement are good things.
You... you're great!

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend, friends!!


Denise said...

happy 6th to your j-bear!
{i use to call noah baby bear, now i call him bear. he use to call me mommy bear, now he calls me m.b.}

i have never heard of tiffins...checking them out.

happy 4th!

Jodi said...

Well who wouldn't love Ann of Green Gables and dear, dear Gilbert? :) Love the tins!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting so much out there for us in blog-land. Stainless steel lunch boxes, u tube-Validation...good stuff! Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried a green drink? Does wonders to keep up the energy levels. Happy 4th.

Simply Sara said...

so making some "gym mix" for my kiddos.
love it!

happy birthday to your big boy!
they seriously need to stop growing eh?!

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