Friday, July 22, 2011

A Friday Favorite

Moments of Change

My sweet friend Wendy have me this little devotional
and it has really been such a blessing to me.

It has short devotional entries from many different people including Ravi Zacharias, Randy Alcorn, Chris Tomlin, Joni Eareckson Tada, Dennis & Barbara Rainey, and Ryan Dobson.

It has been just the encouragement I need...
in small digestible pieces.

It isn't even dated... just days of the week.
So I don't feel guilty if I fall a bit behind.

Here's an entry by Rick McKinley that I really loved.

In the Margins

Jesus answered them, "it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.
I have not come to all the righteous, but the sinners to repentence."
Luke 5:31-32

Our world, our culture, our society--all have margins, just like the page of a book.

Margins are places occupied by people who seldom figure in with what the mainline world esteems. In the margins are where I find people like me--people with brokenness or pain or sin. The margins are places where you want to go and hide and keep to yourself. Yet inside, your soul is screaming for someone to come and love you and know you.

The beautiful thing about Christ is that He does know you, and He knows what it's like to be in the margins. In fact, it's in those margins that Jesus shows up and calls us to Himself to reimagine the beauty of life through the lenses of His love.

Lord, thank you for ministering in the margins.

Is there a book that has been encouraging to you lately?
Do you read a daily devotional?


Tamera Beardsley said...

What a beautiful moved me to tears.

Thank you.

CoachZ said...

Beautiful hon! Blessed be His name!!

Flor said...

Oh that was beautiful!
Im going to have to find that devotional.. I have a small daily devotional that I read and love.

Thank you so much for the devotional recommendation and your wonderful words!

Denise said...

"to reimagine the beauty of life through the lenses of His love."

yes, God does minister to us in the margins... infact i think that's where he can be found.

our family is currently going through "jesus calling" by sarah young.

i've really enjoyed devotioanl classics by robert foster (a 52 week compilation with poeple such as c.s. lewis, dallas willard, and henry nowen. so good.)

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