Friday, July 15, 2011

The Faces of Alvin

Just Another Day on the Job
A Friday Funny

Did I ever tell you my brother-in-law does stunts for a living?

I never know what funny character is going to text me from month to month.

Will it be...

A mysterious magician?

 A middle-aged executive?

A dead gang member?  Yikes!

A happy Indian man?


Or a female cartoon character?

You just never know what you're gonna get!

But, he always manages to give me a big smile!!


Denise said...

wow! what a job!

CoachZ said...

I just texted him to take a look ;-)

Whitney Jay said...

haha that is crazy, I love how different he looks in all those pics.


Jen said...

That is the coolest job ever!

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