Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Mumus, Pink, and Basics


Here I am... coming back for more.
Linking up with Lindsey 
at The Pleated Poppy

First off, we have a "dress" I'm not sure how to categorize.

When I saw it I thought...
This is sort of 60's, a bit like a comfy mumu
and I couldn't get Pippi Longstocking out of my head.
Not necessarily something Pippi herself would wear, but maybe Annika. 
I love Annika.
Maybe my left pinkie is partly Swedish.

Anyway, no one was brave enough to tell me it puts on 10 pounds.
Will this deter me from wearing it?
No... I will just suck my cheeks in and carry on.

Dress: Ross; Jeggings: L.E.I. via Walmart clearance; Necklace: Gift/Lisa Leonard

If this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I don't wear pink a lot, so this next outfit is rare footage.
It makes me think of college days when I really had a thing 
for pink and green... 
as in my entire dorm room was pink and green. 
Good times and donut runs! 

Shirt: Gap/thrifted; Skirt: Express (from last century... literally); Scarf: don't recall
Locket: Bought with my allowance at Pic 'N Save when I was little 

Jason's favorite color of all time is orange.
Do you ever colorblock with bold colors like orange and pink?
I think it looks great on other people, 
but I just can't bring myself to be so bold!

I feel much more comfortable in basics...

Velour Hoodie: Ross; Striped Shirt: Ralph Lauren Outlet Sale; Tank: Ross;
Skinny Jeans:  L.E.I. via Walmart sale; Necklace: Gift/Lisa Leonard

Guess who's at the door again...
bringing a little crazy to my basics!!
 Jazz hands!!


the domestic fringe said...

Love your outfits and your dress is really cute!

This is my first WIWW and it's really fun. Glad I participated.

Tamera Beardsley said...

All so cute!

Monica Whitney said...

So in love with that striped shirt and jacket! And your dark gorgeous hair makes me way to dye mine! Just found your blog on Pleated Poppy and I am totally loving it! Now following.

Hope you'll follow back!
Ask the Duplex

Leslie said...

You have great style, love your outfits!! What a cute son you have =)

Ashlea said...

I love the first dress- so cute - you pull it off well! I will say, my favortite accessory is that adorable little boy! Too cute!!

Alissa said...

I love that dress! Isn't it funny what our clothes can make us think of? I definitely get the 60s vibe from it, which I love. But what I'm *really* inspired by here is your ease in front of the camera. I'm so not there yet. You're a WIWW natural. :)

Changing Lanes said...

Funny, I go through pink phases as well. Cute, cute! :)

Nicole said...

Great dress! I think it looks good on you! I love pink. It's new for me though. I have always been a basics girl but in the last few years I love bright and bold colors.

Tatiana said...

So after admiring your little place over hear and way overfeeding your fish, I thought I should tell you that your outfits are pretty great ;-) You and your family looks beautiful!
PS: thank you for stopping by and for your very sweet comment :-)

Anonymous said...

You are adorable, and I love your writing voice!

Anonymous said...

Had to giggle at the "jazz hands" comment. Great faces. You look gorgeous in all of the outfits and 10 lbs - no way - the dress looks great on you.

hip-chick said...

I love the mumu. I don't think it puts on 10 pounds. Maybe because of the empire waist and the way the pleats (if that is what they are called) fall. I think it's flattering. I went through a return love affair with pink and green. I'm almost over it now. Bright colors look good on me so I end up wearing them quite a bit. Your son is very cute!

Amy said...

LOVE the strip shirt and jacket, looks really good on you! You are so cute!!

Holly said...

Lots of cuteness! Love your skirt with the colorful scarf belt. I also think your tunic/dress with leggings looks great.

Simply Sara said...

total cuteness.
i love that first outfit.
no need to suck in those cheekbones!

Denise said...

i lovvvvvveeeee you!

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