Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho... it's off to camp he goes!

My darling son went off to camp for the first time this morning!  He wasn't quite ready last year, but this year he wanted to give it a try!  

So we signed him up and dropped him off...

Using the same duffle I used for 15 years or so.

He was immediately at home and ready to join his cabin mates in anything and everything!  He stopped for a brief moment to give me a hug goodbye, but he seemed so very grown up!  He was more than ready to be off on his own.  Tear. Sigh.

Could these boys be any cuter?

Such a bittersweet stepping stone... but I know this is how it needs to be!

And I'm sooooo very excited for him!  I absolutely love camp and I'm hoping he makes some amazing memories this week.  Playing in the creek, singing campfire songs, eating s'mores, chapel time, skits, quiet times with Jesus, playing crazy games, KP duties, giggling in his bunk at night... I hope it is just fantastic!

A brief, still moment checking out his cabin space.

We hid a little blanket and stuffed animal in his sleeping bag just to take a bit of home with him!  I think he's going to do great though!

Please can I go to camp, too?

My little one wanted to stay so badly, but I'm not quite ready to let him go just yet!  He did manage to throw enough large rocks in the creek to make the water rise before we left though!

When we got home we started working on letters and postcards to send during the week! He is certainly going to know he is loved and missed!!

I decorated the envelopes with all kinds of stickers, silly jokes, riddles and such!  He's even getting a postcard from the dog!  I hope he feels a ton of love when his name is called!  I always waited in such great anticipation and got such a big goofy grin!

Do you love camp as much as I do?  
Do you have a favorite camp memory?


Denise said...

oh, your boy is going to have a blast, and come home FULL!

i DO love camp. i have the best memory of camp, JESUS!

Linda Z said...

I soooo hope so, Denise! And I hope he comes home with that awesome memory, too!! :)

Simply Sara said...

he is going to LOVE it.
i can't get enough of those cards.
you are seriously the sweetest mommy!!!

Erin said...

Oh, yes, I have a good camp memory. Anthony, Marilyn, and Oliver are three good ones. =) There are lots of others like playing the piano at Hume our senior year that I remember. I hope Josh has a good memorable week (and that you all make it through).

Katie Mitchell said...

I loved loved loved camp. I went every summer, counseled multiple weeks a summer when i was old enough, and even worked there when I was in college. I found Jesus in the mountains and He really captured my heart during those times at camp. i am sure it will leave a huge lasting impression on him :)

kelly said...

Oh, what a good mom you are! He's going to LOVE all that mail!

Jen said...

Lucky!!! I want to go to many fun memories :)

Tamera Beardsley said...

Oh my dear, such a beautiful post! My children are in high school and college, reading about yours made me miss that time! Loving on your kids, no time better spent!

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