Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Angel on my Doorstep

Hotel Majestic, San Francisco

The Valley: Part4

When I returned from my walk, I felt lighter and encouraged. I was full from fellowship and had a little spring in my step. I had no idea that the next day, an immovable force would descend upon me and take up residence in my body.

She would crawl upon on me each morning like the weight of a lead shield.
She would accompany me everywhere I went.
She would weaken my muscle tone and leave a Jello-like frailty in its place.

Her presence would envelope my head and inhabit my body.
I would no longer be able to think clearly or process my thoughts and ideas.
The simplest tasks would feel like marathons.
There would be no more walks, bike rides, hikes, or travels.

Simply existing each day would require all my effort and conviction.

My life would be completely altered because of her...
Fatigue... chronic fatigue with a capital "F."
So the sisters have a malicious cousin, do they?

God knew she was coming, so he sent a messenger that afternoon. Whether or not he was an angel, I cannot say, but he most definitely delivered a message from a heavenly realm.

This mysterious "man" knocked at the door and asked if he could show Patrick some paintings. Patrick agreed, but said he wasn't interested in purchasing any paintings at the moment. No, buying a painting wasn't at all necessary. He just wanted Patrick's opinions.  Which paintings did he like best?  The paintings depicted scenes from Israel... Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives and such. Peaceful settings in the Holy Land.

Curious, Patrick asked the "man's" name.  Are you from Israel?  Yes, that was his home... Menachem's home. What does Menachem mean, Patrick asked.

Hmm... how do you say in English... like "everything is going to be ok." Later, we looked up the name in Hebrew.  It means "comforter."

Menachem disappeared as quickly as he came. When we looked out the window a couple minutes later, there was no trace of him. But the message he bore has been hidden in my heart as I walk through this valley. A message God gave me twice that day... once in English and once in Hebrew.

Even through the darkest days, in the back of my mind, I cling to those words as a promise.
And I ask God to fulfill His promise to me.

I've reminded Him repeatedly... as if He might forget.

Because that's what children do.


Kara Welter said...

What a great story, Linda. I love that you both saw the meaning in it. So many others wouldn't have given it a second thought.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful! i love how God provides things in our lives, people in our lives... that appear in the perfect time and in the perfect moments. what an amazing blessing.

CoachZ said...

I'll never forget that guy. Such a strange encounter nothing like Touched by and Angel ;-)

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father!

Tamera Beardsley said...

How beautifully written, thanks so very much for sharing your story!

Ryan and Camille said...

Praying for you...and for continued comfort in all forms. What a blessing He gave you that experience!

Tamera Beardsley said...

I missed you on WIWW today. Hope all is well my dear.

Denise said...

of course God did!

i love tangible, go with us through the valley of the shadow of death, God.

how, i'd love to sit and share Spirit to Spirit (Jesus in me meeting with Jesus in you).

Simply Sara said...


i think God is rad.
i love this.
so, so much.

and i know that awful "F" cousin.
i battle her- a lot.

but God friend. BUT GOD.

Jodi said...

halfway through your story... loving it and am so moved... especially by this post. God is so awesome!

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