Monday, May 3, 2010

Gotta Get Back in Time

For the second half of our 4th grade history trip,
we traveled back in time to the 1850's
(This would explain why all my photos came out in a sepia tone.)
This is Lydia, the women in charge!
She spoke with a French accent and had a ton of energy!

First, we met our 49er pen pals.
Notice how there are an equal number of boys to match with girls.
There was a lot of giggling.
Next, we explored the depths of
the Gold Bug Mine and Priest Mine.

(Hard hats in the sack, so the adults won't konk their heads!)

We found this gentleman at the museum in
the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.
He was an incredible story teller,
and told us the tale of the infamous Black Bart.

James Marshall's humble cabin.

Our tour guides, Trubble and Spot
in front of the Sutter's Mill recontructed replica.

In the evening we had a lively sing along
led by this talented trio.
We enjoyed singing songs like Home on the Range and
Turkey in the Straw (so that's where "a high tuckahaw" comes from!!)

Then we danced the night away with the Virginia Reel.
I don't have any photos of that because I was too busy
hooting and hollerin' and kickin' my heels up!

It was pure, unadultered fun...
and I enjoyed every minute of it, thoroughly!!!

Look Ma! I made some rope!

Look Ma! I'm using a printing press!

Trubble is explaining the best gold panning methods.
He is also winning the hearts of many 10 year old girls!

Hey Spot! Are you lying down on the job??
He kept telling me to stop shooting him with my cannon.
I told him it's a Nikon, not a Canon.
Silly Spot!

Josh worked very hard in an icy cold stream
for his four flecks of gold dust!

Our gang with their gang!

They sent us home with the reminder that
God is our true treasure and the only one we can kept for eternity!
I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with this program!
The guides and the majority of the folks running it were 16-21 years old!
It was amazing how knowledgeable and articulate they were.
They taught the kids (and adults) so much about
California history and the Bible.
They were hilarious and fun and never broke out of character.
In an age when it is "cool" and acceptable to be
an adolescent until you are 30+,
it was so amazing to see teenagers transitioning into adulthood
with such excellence and purpose.
I told Josh that I hope Patrick and I can help he and Jason to do the same.
He agreed!
The trip was wonderful, but the Godly role models
were an unexpected and amazing surprise!


Jen said...

I've always been amazed and in awe of the kind of people who love to become historical characters for a living. I find it odd yet fascinating at the same time. I'm so glad you guys had such a great experience- this trip was something the kids NEVER would have gotten to experience in public school :) Way to go!

Sandy said...

Next time I'm going to hitch a ride and trek along with you guys. :o)

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