Sunday, April 25, 2010

Road Trip Revelations

I have a love/hate relationship with road trips! I love the closeness they foster and all the fun memories that make for great "inside jokes"... and yet they are good at bringing out the quirkiest parts of us, along with all our weak spots, too.

Patrick and I generally have a rhythm when we travel, now. We have developed routines over time, and we generally know what we can tolerate, when we need to push through, and when we need to just take it easy and enjoy the scenery. But Patrick wasn't there...

So I had the opportunity to learn lots of interesting things about myself on the 4th grade road trip. For instance...

  • Discovery #1: When I'm playing "leader" I have an insane obsession with being on time. This is so bizarre, since I am normally 5-10 minutes late everywhere I go. All of a sudden, I transformed into Officer Penelope Punctual, and it was a good thing I didn't have a whistle! A really good thing!!

  • Discovery #2: I discovered that when I have Daphne (my GPS) talking to me on my left, and my friend navigating by map on my right, I get D.A.C.S., or Driver Anxiety and Confusion Syndrome. This affliction results in missed turns, making sudden exits, and a general brain fog. It is slightly dangerous to drive if you are afflicted with D.A.C.S., especially of you are prone to getting lost anyway. Maybe I should have let said friend drive, but then I would have had to read the map, which is scarier than having D.A.C.S.

  • Discovery #3: Trying to start a 6-7 hour drive at 4pm, after you have not slept the previous night due to freezing conditions in a very small tent can result in Multiple Personality Disorder. I started off as Officer Punctual, turned into Mean Molly, and then took some Advil for my headache that turned me into Relaxed Rita. Along the long stretches of highway, I transformed once again... this time into Philosophical Phoebe. And around midnight, I ended the trip as Kooky Katie, laughing while singing camp songs like "Duh Moose, Duh Mooo-ooose!" I heartily apologize to friend in Discovery #2.... I really wasn't trying to be Sybil.

I certainly discovered more of my strengths and limitations! Had I been born in the 1800's, I would have made a lousy pioneer woman! I would also come in last on the Amazing Race, but I already knew that about myself!

Aside from discovering more of my own quirks and shortcomings, we did have a fantastic 4th grade adventure. I will post pictures and stories this week!

Have you discovered anything interesting about yourself lately?


Sandy said...

This cracked me up, but I think you're probably being way too hard on yourself. The fact that you drove a car hundreds of miles, got way too little sleep, and can still laugh and make fun of yourself is deserving of a medal in my book. I get lost going to places I've been before, let alone the amazing trip you guys took. I'm so glad you had this trip, it sounded fabulous when you told me the details.

What have I learned about myself lately? Tons of things, and I'm starting (at my advanced age) to be more accepting of myself as I am. I have come to believe that I am a classic ADD personality. (The inattentive as opposed to hyperactive type.) Even though I've not been tested, I fit most of the "symptoms" that I've read about, and in a strange way it is very freeing. :o) Life is good!!!!

Colleen said...

I start hysterically laughing whenever things go wrong on a road trip - it makes my friennds crazy. It's like a little switch goes off in my brain and I can no longer take things seriously. I think it's kinda fun, but other people, not so much. :)

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