Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Thoughts

Here it is, already February 18th. February is practically two-thirds over, and I've neglected this blog all month.

I really haven't done anything too out of the ordinary... the month just flew by.

I am still nesting. My dear husband helped me reorganize the entire kitchen. My utensil drawers look so beautiful, I think I might cry. In the past 12 years, they have never once looked so dignified... I hope it lasts. You never know... I might just become a better cook as a result of this kitchen organization and beautification project.

Furthermore, I have also done what I can to rid the world of mini skirts. Well, really it's been just thoughts of obliteration and letters to an editor somewhere. Call me crazy, but I think a girl should be able to sit down in a skirt without, well... I think I'm done with this topic. Anyone else think there should be an "Add 6-8 Inches" campaign?

Yesterday, I went to see a surgeon. He wants to cut my stomach open and fix my umbilical hernia in the near future. Absolutely! I happen to be in a good mood, so why not? Bring on the abdominal surgery... I haven't done that since 2000, so I'm due!

Other than that, I've been planning a birthday party for a certain 9 year old that goes double digits next month! And I've been looking into his class trip to "Gold Country." We might go to a "live history" camp. They have a hoedown in the evening, which makes me completely giddy! If I weren't already gainfully employed as a wife and mother, I might just consider working at a live history camp. I think I could be a 49er. I could definitely pretend to be one!

So there you are. Some random life activities.

Has February brought any random life activities your way?


Jen said...

Is your surgery scheduled yet? Franz is still recovering from his and it's been 2 months- so be sure you have plenty of time to recover before you need to be back to "normal".

Linda Z said...

Oh, boy! 2 months??? Hmmm... how does a mom schedule in recovery time???

Denise said...

where is this live history camp complete with hoe down? i want to take my kids there.

want to come organize me?

i was (and usually am) very organized, but i'm in a disorganized slump, i just don't care lately. i don't know if this is good or bad. i can be o.c.d. so it might be good.

A.M.H. said...

Please tell me that the history camp is in Coloma?! It's right near where RJ and I grew up and the most fantastic slice of history. I grew up gold panning in the American River during family picnics! Northern California has my heart.

I too have been busy reorganizing the kitchen. Since Landon can open up drawers now things had to change spots. It's so great to reorganize and clean. Yesterday I did our medicine cabinet and threw about a bag full or expired medication - some that expired in 2003!

Linda Z said...

Denise... we could probably balance each other out organizationally speaking. I'm really not very good at it!!

The camp is...

Anna, I would love to hear from a native what would be some good experiences for upper elementary kids! We are thinking of doing the camp and hanging out at the Capitol and Old Town Sac museums.

going kiwi said...

I totally think we should have an add 6-8 inches campaign. I can never find skirts that are modest for my height. Maybe that is why I sew?

Anyways, about the giveaway if you don't tell anyone I think I have a set of coasters ready to be sewn together with your name on them.

Jamie said...

hello friend! i really like your new blog layout and your header! february is a good month because my 2 best college girlfriends and all 4 of there kids are coming here to stay with me for a couple days. i cannot wait for some quality girl time!

and your so right about the skirt thing, i find it so hard with shorts too.

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