Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet 16

This past weekend we celebrated 16 years of marriage! We had an amazing weekend in San Franciso. We got to act like teenagers and had so much fun just being together!

We started it out by dropping off the kids and then picking up some In N' Out at 10:30 in the morning. Nothing like hamburgers with grilled onions for breakfast!!

Then we checked into our hotel, a beautiful old Victorian Inn, and then headed over to the Orpheum Theater for a matinee...

It was so much fun! I've been wanting to see it for months and we were able to score some 9th row center orchestra seats! Perfect!! I looooove musicals... always have, always will! Favorite songs were Defying Gravity and For Good, and I definitely related to the green side.

At about 5, we made our way back to the inn, and then we walked down to the Regency Ballroom! We met our friends Deb and Christian and stood in line for Switchfoot!! Switchfoot happens to be Deb and my favorite band of all time. We were jazzed!

Jon and the band were amazing! They played through the new Hello, Hurricane album, and then played some oldies like Dare You to Move, Oh! Gravity, and Only Hope. We sat in the "old people" balcony and rocked out. Yes, I do rock out. Even though the people behind us wanted us to sit down. Tell me, were we rude for standing? I haven't been to a concert in a while, and I need to know rock ettiquette.

And then we slept in.... all the way until 7:40am. Why oh why are we programmed????!!! We had a great breakfast and talk by the fire with Deb and Christian, and then did some sight-seeing.

This was the door to a hotel a couple doors down. Isn't it gorgeous? Or should I say Majestic?

And then we had lunch at Citizen Cake. My friend Jaime recommended it, and I have learned that when Jaime recommends a restaurant, you don't question it, you just go. You go hungry, and you ENJOY! (If you ever want to go to Italy or New Zealand, you should read through her "Odyssey" under "inspiring" on the side of my blog. I think she even has recipes there as well.)

Patrick had this hash with carnitas and poached eggs.

I had the best Chinese chicken salad I have ever eaten. It was 11 levels of deliciousness.

Then I had a yummy chocolate cupcake.

Patrick had some espresso with his yummy tiramisu (I know it was yummy, cause I accidently ate some.) Patrick is pretty yummy, too! Wow, he is still a devastatingly handsome man after 20 years of knowing him.

We had to stop at the square. Have you been there? It's one of my favorite SF locations. I like all the bricked architecture and the smells of chocolate wafting through the air. Makes me want to inhale deeply.

Me and my cutie!
I love him with all my heart!
Here's to a Happy Anniversary!


A.M.H. said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like the most perfect weekend. I too LOVE musicals. My parents took me to my first musical, Phantom of the Opera, when I was 16 in San Francisco. I've been hooked every since.

And RJ and I also saw Switchfoot when they came through Ventura a few weeks ago. It's was a great show! We stood up in the "old people" balcony the entire time too. It is most definitely ok!

Jamie said...

How Fun! I love San Francisco! I have been to the Ghirardelli square and I wish I could go there right now. Happy Anniversary to you and Patrick! Oh and you and your jacket are so cute!

Denise said...

your adorable. that sounds like the absolutely PERFECT way to spend an anniversary!

it's all the things i'd (we'd) love to do.

hApPy AnNiVeRsArY!

Andrea said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend! you guys are precious and an encouragement to all married couples!

Linda Z said...

Thanks for the compliments, sweet ladies! Hey, Jamie... would you believe I got that jacket on clearance for only $29? I love it! :)

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