Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 12

Last Tuesday, two men's lives hung in the balance. They didn't choose to be in life or death situations, but that is what they faced that day.

One was a man I met a couple years ago in the choir I sing with. He was full of life and I loved laughing at his jokes and watching him sing duets with his beautiful wife. A few months ago, doctors discovered a cancerous tumor at the base of his brain. Despite numerous treatments, it became clear, about a month ago, that the cancer would take his life. By January 12, Thomas had breathed his last breath.

I was inspired at the way he faced death with such courage. He used so many opportunities during his last months to share the love of Jesus with others. In late November, I watched in awe as he vigorously walked around our neighborhoods. He never gave up.

Another man was in Haiti that day. I met him years ago, my freshman year in college. He was a dedicated follower of Jesus, even back then. My roommate that year had the biggest crush on him... and I didn't blame her. He is a man of great character.

Today, Dan works for Compassion International, and he was in Haiti doing some filming for a recent documentary project. In the midst of the earthquake, he was trapped within the confines of an elevator shaft. He spent 55 hours beneath the rubble of a collapsed hotel, and then was rescued and given a second chance at life here on earth.

I don't know why God allows some to have a second chance and sweeps others into His presence. I do know He is good and that His purposes will be known in both of these men's lives. But what encourages me today, is that I want to live my life in the way that these two men have. When my day comes... whether I have a warning or not, I want to be caught loving my Savior and living my life for Him. Thank you Thomas and Dan for what you have taught me on this January day.


Jamie said...

uhh linda this is so touching! thank you for sharing their amazing stories with all of us!

going kiwi said...

wow, pretty crazy how God does work. Thank you for putting a different perspective out there.

Denise said...

swept up into God's presence...but i want to be swept away by him here too.

i'll be looking for red things, then watch out!

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