Sunday, January 31, 2010

Isn't it Romantic?

I stumbled across a lovely photo this morning.
Isn't it romantical?
Beautiful roses climbing an Italian cottage.
Sometimes Josh catches his dad and I cuddling
and being romantical in the kitchen.
He runs from the room shrieking...
"Oh, my eyes!!!!!"
I think it's good for him.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nesting: It's not Just for the Birds

And apparently, it's not just for pregnant women either! The nesting instincts have completely taken over my very being. I don't think I told you... we are officially certified as foster adopt parents as of the first week of January!

So technically, I suppose we are "paper pregnant." We could get a call at any time to take a child eligible for foster adoption. We have asked for a "sister," but have had the feeling all along that we would end up with a sister pair! My mom even had a dream about a sister pair, before we told her that's what was on our hearts. Then back in November, I met a sister pair at the pool and felt like they were my daughters. I discovered that they are actually foster kids, but not up for adoption. I don't know, God could surprise us! He's done amazing thing like that in our lives before... many times!!

Back to the nesting obsession... where do you think that instinct stems from? Currently, I think part of mine comes from the lack of control I'm feeling. I want to fast forward and know what's going to happen! This is a huge lesson in patience and trust! At least I can nest while I'm learning!

Here are some things I've (well, we've) been up to...

I've had my eye open for bar stools the last 11 years... seriously. There were just never any that met my criteria: 1) stable, 2) with a back, 3) easy to clean, and 4) CHEAP! They were at Marshall's of all places! $59 each! Now we'll all be able to eat in the breakfast nook!

Jason moved into Josh's room, so we'd have a "girl" room. Good news... they are gettin' along!!!

I found this cute bed, complete with frame, mattress and box spring on Craig's List for $75! She even gave me 4 sets of barely used sheets! Perfect!! I paired these with some matching black/tan comforters I got with Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, and the sleeping situation is set!

Then we looked into storage systems for the kids' closets. Can you say EXPENSIVE?? As in $1,000! Yikes. Instead, my studly husband got out his toolbelt and installed a laminate shelf at the top of the closet.

Then I found this hardly used book unit on Craig's List for $100. We (read studly husband) installed it in our bedroom, and then took the 2 book shelves we originally had and used them as storage in each of the kid rooms! Perfect... and cheap!

The one thing I need to do to finish up the boys room is make a DIY pelmet box and get a shade. I have some denim panels (more like chambray) from Josh's baby/toddler days. I need some advice... can I dye them them black and resuse them? Would the dye take? And, does anyone (especially Jen, the fabric queen) know of a great black/tan geometric fabric that would work well for the pelmet box?

Well... back to nesting and waiting! Would you please keep our family in your prayers as we are hopefully expecting?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Household Hints

Good morning! I'm sitting in bed trying to get over a nasty virus this morning. Blah!

I was watching a morning show and got some super simple, but very helpful tips I thought I'd pass along...

Some disappearing tricks...
  • Tip #1: What do you do if you washed and/or dried a crayon in your laundry?? Just wash the clothes again along with regular detergent and a cup of vinegar! The crayon should come right out!
  • Tip #2: What do you do if you get a pen mark or smudge on your clothes?? Use some ordinary rubbing alcohol, a sponge and a bit of "elbow grease" and simply rub it out!
  • Tip #3: What do you do with annoying white deoderant marks on you dark dress or blouse? Take a pair of panty hose and rub them against the white marks and they lift right off!

If I hadn't seen these done with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it! So simple, yet so effective!!

I also love "Bar Keeper's Friend" for getting stains out of my sink. And last time I bought gloves, they were out the medium latex kind I usually buy, so I tried some non-latex white gloves. They are lasting so much longer!!

What's your favorite, simple tip in the land of domesticity?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seeing Red...

I was tagged by my friend Jen over at

Find 7 red things in your home and post photos.

I found 8.
One is technically next to my home, but I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 12

Last Tuesday, two men's lives hung in the balance. They didn't choose to be in life or death situations, but that is what they faced that day.

One was a man I met a couple years ago in the choir I sing with. He was full of life and I loved laughing at his jokes and watching him sing duets with his beautiful wife. A few months ago, doctors discovered a cancerous tumor at the base of his brain. Despite numerous treatments, it became clear, about a month ago, that the cancer would take his life. By January 12, Thomas had breathed his last breath.

I was inspired at the way he faced death with such courage. He used so many opportunities during his last months to share the love of Jesus with others. In late November, I watched in awe as he vigorously walked around our neighborhoods. He never gave up.

Another man was in Haiti that day. I met him years ago, my freshman year in college. He was a dedicated follower of Jesus, even back then. My roommate that year had the biggest crush on him... and I didn't blame her. He is a man of great character.

Today, Dan works for Compassion International, and he was in Haiti doing some filming for a recent documentary project. In the midst of the earthquake, he was trapped within the confines of an elevator shaft. He spent 55 hours beneath the rubble of a collapsed hotel, and then was rescued and given a second chance at life here on earth.

I don't know why God allows some to have a second chance and sweeps others into His presence. I do know He is good and that His purposes will be known in both of these men's lives. But what encourages me today, is that I want to live my life in the way that these two men have. When my day comes... whether I have a warning or not, I want to be caught loving my Savior and living my life for Him. Thank you Thomas and Dan for what you have taught me on this January day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet 16

This past weekend we celebrated 16 years of marriage! We had an amazing weekend in San Franciso. We got to act like teenagers and had so much fun just being together!

We started it out by dropping off the kids and then picking up some In N' Out at 10:30 in the morning. Nothing like hamburgers with grilled onions for breakfast!!

Then we checked into our hotel, a beautiful old Victorian Inn, and then headed over to the Orpheum Theater for a matinee...

It was so much fun! I've been wanting to see it for months and we were able to score some 9th row center orchestra seats! Perfect!! I looooove musicals... always have, always will! Favorite songs were Defying Gravity and For Good, and I definitely related to the green side.

At about 5, we made our way back to the inn, and then we walked down to the Regency Ballroom! We met our friends Deb and Christian and stood in line for Switchfoot!! Switchfoot happens to be Deb and my favorite band of all time. We were jazzed!

Jon and the band were amazing! They played through the new Hello, Hurricane album, and then played some oldies like Dare You to Move, Oh! Gravity, and Only Hope. We sat in the "old people" balcony and rocked out. Yes, I do rock out. Even though the people behind us wanted us to sit down. Tell me, were we rude for standing? I haven't been to a concert in a while, and I need to know rock ettiquette.

And then we slept in.... all the way until 7:40am. Why oh why are we programmed????!!! We had a great breakfast and talk by the fire with Deb and Christian, and then did some sight-seeing.

This was the door to a hotel a couple doors down. Isn't it gorgeous? Or should I say Majestic?

And then we had lunch at Citizen Cake. My friend Jaime recommended it, and I have learned that when Jaime recommends a restaurant, you don't question it, you just go. You go hungry, and you ENJOY! (If you ever want to go to Italy or New Zealand, you should read through her "Odyssey" under "inspiring" on the side of my blog. I think she even has recipes there as well.)

Patrick had this hash with carnitas and poached eggs.

I had the best Chinese chicken salad I have ever eaten. It was 11 levels of deliciousness.

Then I had a yummy chocolate cupcake.

Patrick had some espresso with his yummy tiramisu (I know it was yummy, cause I accidently ate some.) Patrick is pretty yummy, too! Wow, he is still a devastatingly handsome man after 20 years of knowing him.

We had to stop at the square. Have you been there? It's one of my favorite SF locations. I like all the bricked architecture and the smells of chocolate wafting through the air. Makes me want to inhale deeply.

Me and my cutie!
I love him with all my heart!
Here's to a Happy Anniversary!
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