Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's a Legoland Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

It's been a long time since I've done a big picture post,
so here,

New friends in the parking lot!

Hanging out with Bob
and mapping out my day!

How many Legos does it take to build an elephant?

Just me and Indy

Pilot Z and Co-pilot Z


Knight Rider

I'm too old for this baby ride!

Well, maybe not!

Can I have one of these?

Help, I've been swallowed by a great white shark!!

Oh, no! Me, too!!!

This ride is too scarey for me!

Not sure what this has to do with Legos,
but I love English phone booths!

I get to drive my own car???

Josh... very serious about passing the test!

Back in the driver's seat...
"Look, ma! No hands!!"


Sky Cruiser Buddies

Contemplating complex creations...
and looking cute while doing it!

Jason looooooves dinos!

The Whole Lego Family

Thankful that we live in the land of liberty...
and hoping we use our freedoms wisely in the years to come.

Did you do anything fun during Thanksgiving week?


Jamie said...

Hi Linda! The fun part of my Thanksgiving was being with my family. We ate, played trivial persuit and went to see the blind side movie. It was a very fun day!

ps. i love that dinosaur lego

Erica.Michelle. said...

Wow! So fun Linda! Your boys are growing up so fast :)

Denise said...

great pix. my son would LOVE the indiana jones lego creation.

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