Monday, November 30, 2009

Closing out a Month of Thanks

For the beauty of the earth
For the glory of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to Thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise.
-Folliott S. Pierpoint, 1864

Nov. 1 The Gospel story through the book of Ruth

Nov. 2 The start of a new women's discipleship group that
the Lord provided for in every way

Nov. 3 A new doctor's office... I am feeling very cared for

Nov. 4 Discoving JJ Heller's beautiful music

Nov. 5 Dinner at Del's with our adorable newlywed friends

Nov. 6 Getting to see Josh and his class work so hard
washing cars
to raise money for the homeless shelter

Nov. 7 A four year old who still loves to cuddle every morning :)

Nov. 8 Family bike rides on the Bob Jones Trail

Nov. 9 Feeling completely alive today

Nov. 10 The most wonderful friends a girl could as for

Nov. 11 A husband who loves me enough to work through the difficult things

Nov. 12 Josh's steller report card... way to go, J!

Nov. 13 Our time at the shelter, which makes me extra thankful for our home

Nov. 14 Pumpkin pancakes and some quiet time

Nov. 15 Yummy birthday breakfast with the fam,
a day early at Zorro's

Nov. 16 Birthday time at Disneyland with my sweet friend, Erin

Nov. 17 A new novel... Though Waters Roar, by Lynn Austin

Nov. 18 My choir family...
so awesome to sing God's praises with them

Nov. 19 My parents who live 8 houses away

Nov. 20 An extended Thanksgiving break... wohoo

Nov. 21 Age spots and gray hairs which remind me how gracious God has been to give me many years of life

Nov. 22 Sunny CA, beach-worthy days

Nov. 23 Sleep...

Nov. 24 My friend Thomas, whose faith
in the midst of a cancer battle
astounds and inspires me

Nov. 25 Watching the boys enjoy Legoland
and drive their "own cars"

Nov. 26 A warm Thanksgiving time with family and new friends

Nov. 27 A God whose love and faithfulness endures

Nov. 28 Coming home after a relaxing time away

Nov. 29 A wonderful church family to love, serve, worship with and grow with over the past 11 years

Nov. 30 All the lessons I've learned in 2009

I'm not the same person I was last November

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's a Legoland Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

It's been a long time since I've done a big picture post,
so here,

New friends in the parking lot!

Hanging out with Bob
and mapping out my day!

How many Legos does it take to build an elephant?

Just me and Indy

Pilot Z and Co-pilot Z


Knight Rider

I'm too old for this baby ride!

Well, maybe not!

Can I have one of these?

Help, I've been swallowed by a great white shark!!

Oh, no! Me, too!!!

This ride is too scarey for me!

Not sure what this has to do with Legos,
but I love English phone booths!

I get to drive my own car???

Josh... very serious about passing the test!

Back in the driver's seat...
"Look, ma! No hands!!"


Sky Cruiser Buddies

Contemplating complex creations...
and looking cute while doing it!

Jason looooooves dinos!

The Whole Lego Family

Thankful that we live in the land of liberty...
and hoping we use our freedoms wisely in the years to come.

Did you do anything fun during Thanksgiving week?

Friday, November 20, 2009

My New Name

Monday was my birthday, and I went down to the OC to cash in on a free day at Disneyland. Erin and I got the day started with a little detour to Starbucks (cause I know how to order there now). I asked for a Tall Chai Latte and I told them my name was Linda. The Starbucks lady said, "Sure, Annette, coming right up." Hmmm, I thought... did she just call me Annette? No that couldn't be, because Linda doesn't sound anything like Annette.

Three minutes later, the guy behind the counter was calling for Annette. I didn't want to embarrass him or anything... I mean it wasn't his fault. So I just took the cup, and sure enough, in very pretty cursive writing, there it was... Annette.

So I guess I now have a Starbucks name.

Hello, my name is Annette... may I have a Peppermint Mocha Frap, no whip?

Monday, November 9, 2009

On a road marked with suffering...

My emotional state has been in constant state of flux the past couple of weeks. I have been in deep states of sadness, have wrestled with anger, and have stared out the window, my mind swirling in confusion like the fall leaves in a sudden gust.

Why, Lord?

I don't understand.

And the tears well up in my eyes again and it is hard to see the answers.

Wendy was due to have her sweet, firstborn son, most likely on a windy Chicago day in early November.

But something happened. Something no one could foresee. The life she and Larry had been nurturing, praying for, waiting for with hopeful expectation, suddenly ended at 38 weeks.

She labored and gave birth to Jonathan Timothy. He was a beautiful little boy with perfectly formed features, who will someday be reunited with his extraordinary parents who have an amazing love for him.

Wendy and Larry have met this trial with tremendous hope and faith in God. It simply astounds me.

Wendy said, "Life is hard. . . but we have a strong God."

Instead of continuing to question, I am trying to take my thoughts captive and hold on to that truth. I am asking the Lord to help me wholeheartedly believe that he will work this out for good, because they truly love Him and are called according to His purposes. I need to trust in His strength.

Wendy and Larry... you are remarkable parents, and I will never forget your sweet JT and how he has touched my life. May the Lord continue to be your hope, your comfort, and your strength.

He gives and takes away...
my heart with chose to say

blessed be the name of the Lord.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forgive me, for I have sinned...

My sister-in-law's friend, Caryn, posted a photo of her new bike this week, and I was completely enamored.

Now, normally, I don't find myself coveting other people's lives, stuff, etc. My shopping habits usually stem from necessity, and I still have all my last years' birthday and Christmas money. I'm not kidding.

But, I have to confess that when I saw this bike, I coveted.

This is the sweetest bike I have seen in my entire life. Have I told you that my favorite color for the last 25 years or so is green? Look at the deep forest green frame... oh, and the red spokes and white walled tires are killing me.

Notice the adorable red lacing on the hand grips, which led Caryn to name the bike Pippi. A bike with a Scandinavian paint job named Pippi... could it get any better?

Yes, it could. A girl could ride to farmers market in a flowing skirt and put fresh veggies in the basket. She could ring the little bell and wave to people on the way home.

I need to go repent now.

Update: I decided to take the birthday/Christmas money I was saving to use for a camera lens and I bought this bike. I got to thinking... I could take photos of bikes, or I could ride like the wind on a bike of my own. So I rode, the wind whipping through my hair, all the way down to the ocean in Avila.
I do not regret my decision a bit. I named her Briggita after one of the Von Trapps in the Sound of Music. The hills are alive... and Briggita and I are going to explore them. Yipee!! :)
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