Thursday, October 15, 2009

He asked me out...

I was longing for some time away with him. It had been far too long and my well was drying up. Not sure where to go, I knew I needed a real getaway... to remove myself from the day to day normalcy and to see things with a new pair of lenses.

But where and when? And how?

I prayed. I prayed and I trusted that he had a plan. I needed to leave the details to him.

Then he asked me out. Unexpectedly. He surprised me with perfect timing and thoughtfulness. And he wooed me with song.

At the end of a choir rehearsal, Cara said, "Did you get my email?" I admitted that I hadn't received it. "Well, our church is having a retreat next month. I know you have a lot going on, but I was just wondering if you would be interested in singing with the worship team." You have to understand that this is not the church I attend, nor has Cara ever really heard me sing.

I told her I would pray about it, but I knew right then and there, that he had just asked me out.

"Yes, Lord! I can't wait!" Giddy and expectant, I reveled in the invitation. I couldn't wait to see what he had planned for our weekend long date.

In the meantime, he went through my journals... quite thoroughly. He took my joys and pains, triumphs and failures, and all the verses that have been my little treasures recently, and he wove them into every song and every message prepared for the weekend. Using beautiful human vessels, he spoke to my heart with intimate knowledge.
He saw me.

He held me.

He knew me.

We sat together under a majestic Monterey pine. I sat and read his poetic love letters... so touching, they brought tears to my eyes. Bowing my head, I began to pour out a heart of love, gratitude and passion, penning my own love letter in return. Then seemingly out of nowhere, he sent a sweet, gentle breeze to envelope me for the next few minutes. I was at a loss for words, so I let the minutes tick away, letting his spirit stir in my soul.

And then I simply replied, "Thank you."
I am so thankful for the lavish love of a Groom who continually woos his bride. He gives her his Bread of Life and Living Water, so that she has no need to be hungry and thirsty again.

He has brought me to his banqueting table...

And his banner over me is love.


Jen Schlenker said...

amen! Jesus is Alive! I love you sweet Linda!

nicole viola said...

Linda, that was beautiful! He is so good!

Denise said...

i NEED to be taken to His banqueting table, to KNOW that His banner over me is love.

Sandy said...

What a blessing. Our God is SO good!

Bethany said...

Linda, thank you for sharing this on Monday night. I am so blessed by your words!

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