Friday, September 18, 2009

Make Believe

The summer was coming to a close on an overcast, but warm afternoon. I donned a pair of pinstriped black pants, a silky black blouse and sensible flats. My hair was twisted and pulled back in a simple barrette, and I wore a small satchel purse to hold my keys and drivers license.

I drove to a sweet country inn in Nipomo, feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

And then I began to play make believe.

"I am here to assist Ken, today," I told the dapper Father of the Bride.

Ken entrusted me with one of his substantial Nikons, gave me some direction, and set me free. I eyed flowery still lifes and beautiful smiles, children entranced with bubbles and lovely ladies draped in satin. Memories of love and devotion and celebration framed within a little view finder.

The ceremony ended, and the rain drops began to fall. The bride's eyes sparkled and her face became even more radiant... she loves rain. The groom sheltered her with an umbrella and they shared married kisses in its soft shadow.

While my photos only served as a back up to Ken's amazing professional portfolio, it was so inspiring to step into a new pair of shoes.

To play another role.

Like grown up make believe.

My fairy tale came to an end on Sunday morning as I dangled my bare feet over the edge of the bed. The effects of several hours of lunging and squatting had crept in during the night. The day after the "happily ever after."

Nothing worth doing is ever very easy. Marriage is one of those things. It's not always happily every after. We want the better without the worse, the richer without the poorer, and the health without the sickness. Yet life brings both the good and the bad, and when the bad comes, it's easy to say, "I didn't sign up for this." But I did. I made a vow and signed up for it all... not just the fairy tale.

The shadows prove the sunshine. The raindrops prove the clear blue skies. What a blessing it is when two people are brought together in a sacred covenant to warm each other in the shadows and frolic in the sunshine. It is a beautiful mystery.


Karen said...

Beautiful photos and lovely words... Thank you for sharing.

Jen said...

Wow :) Well said.

Jamie said...

i loved reading this linda! it was like i was reading a novel of a beautiful love story. your writing is beautiful, like you. so excited you were able to dream for a day in the make believe land of ken kienow photography.

Anna Hosking said...

beautiful words. you are gifted with both words and photography!

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