Friday, September 11, 2009

The C Word

Some words are hard to say.

Because words are powerful.

And they can change everything ... in an instant.

At times, even if they are unspoken.

About three Sundays ago, the house was empty. I had some rare moments to myself. Strains of blue grass praise echoed through the family room, and I danced and lifted my hands in praise to my Savior. My heart was full of emotion and joy came easily and fluidly. Cleansing tears emerged from my soul, and a divine hope filled my mind. Sweetness and light.

My father was soon in the driveway with my youngest who'd been visiting at his house.

"Can I talk to you about something," he said, his face grave and serious.

He had recently had an MRI on his back to see if he'd be a good candidate for back surgery. The doctor found something they hadn't expected to find. A mass was growing on his kidney and he needed to go to USC's medical center to have a specialist look at it.

"Cancer," I thought. But no one spoke it. If someone spoke it, it might somehow give it life... make it real.

But words are meant to be spoken. Or they fester and come out in other ways... like torrents of tears. When we bring things to light, there can be healing.

My father underwent a major surgery yesterday. Skilled hands removed the tissue that was increasing inside him. Though invasive and uncomfortable and painful in the present, our hope is that it will prevent disease from spreading and taking over his body in the future.

As much as I have been struggling with fear over this dreaded "C-word," I am thankful that it was brought to light. It has brought words of prayer, words of encouragement, and words of love and affection. And an opportunity for the Word, Himself, to reveal His glory.


Jeff and Mindy said...

Oh Linda! I'm praying for your dad.

Court said...

Very scary! I have lost family members to the "C" word. Both my parents in the last year have had the "C" word removed off their skin. There is part of me that knows one day the "C" word will be in me. But that is a part of me that has to submit that fear to God. God is in control not Cancer. He desires good and not bad. He provides and is there even when Cancer is too. Praying for you my friend...and your Dad too!

Jen said...

I hate that we live in fear of the "C" word. You're not alone.

I'll be praying for your dad.

Linda Z said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for his recovery from surgery. He is very uncomfortable and his blood pressure is varying.

Joey, Katie, Judah and Annie said...

Praise God that the doctor's found it so early and I guess by "coincidence". We'll be praying for God to glorify himself in this time and for quick healing.

Denise said...

how sweet that you were worshiping when you found out, close to our good God. i love that God had that time in mind before telling you. i am sorry,and yet celebrate with you that God is and will reveal His glory through your dad.
May God be your confidence, hope, peace, truth, and lavish His great love on you and your entire family.

Linda Z said...

Dad is back and recovering from surgery now! We are soooo happy to have him and Mom home!! :)

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