Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homemade Heroes

I've been inspired by all the great projects that Jenny has been tackling lately,

so I got out my sewing machine and looked up a tutorial that I found at

the Pleated Poppy a while back.

And the result...

A couple of homemade heroes!


Super "Z" Boy

(he's big on lollipops)


"TB" Technology Boy
(not to be confused with Tuberculosis!)

They are off to save the neighborhood.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Four and Forty

Four years old and forty pounds.
His chubby little rubber band wrists and ankles have given way to long and lean limbs.
His soft, snuggly body which was once easily contained in my arms, now spills over, feet dangling and swinging from my lap.
My sweet J-Bear.

I'm savoring the moments.

I love my boy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

For a Friend who needs a Laugh...

Gagging noises resonating in the bathroom.

Me: Uh oh. Jason, are you feeling ok?

Jason: I'm sick. I'm gonna throw up.

Me: Ok, you came to the right place.

Jason: I just can't do it.

I console Jason, hoping he doesn't throw up on me...

Patting his back...

Me: It's ok honey, sometimes it takes time.

Jason lets out 3 huge burps.

Jason: Oh, I'm all better now!!!

Me: I'm so thankful to God that you don't have the flu.

Jason: Oh, dear Jesus, God. Thank you for letting me burp!! I feel so much better now! Jesus, God... AMEN!!!!
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