Saturday, June 6, 2009


I love summer!
I'm so glad it's here!
We're heading off to the
1st of 3 summer weddings today.
And then to the desert for
some family time and cousins!
My 20 year High School reunion
is coming up in July...
Should I go?
What are your summer plans?


Jen said...

Of course you should go! I hear that the 20 year reunions are actually normal- by then no one has anything to "prove" anymore so everyone just has a good time.

No summer plans for us- we're homebound for awhile :)

jeninslo said...

You should go! I agree the 20th is the "normal one." I'm on the planning committee for our 20th, and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm working at Science Adventures summer camp this summer. Josh should go! I just got back from training, where we made rockets, robots, and electric cars. Seems like a really fun camp.

Court said...

Totally go! If anything you will have fun stories to tell us all:)

Denise said...

you should so go to your reunion.

i am going to a 18th (a combo of classes 89,90,91,92) in sept. i went to my 15th. i enjoyed it... and it was a choice to enjoy it. i would have been disappointed had i missed seeing all the faces i once knew as a child now as adults.

Linda Z said...

Sensing a general pattern here about the reunion! :)

Jen W. I'll have to get some more info from you on the science camp... oh and the dog agility thing, too. I think Josh might be interested in both!

Karen said...

I think that you should go to your reunion! Hope you had fun in Indio. We bought our very first home out there, right near 48th. Then, decided that it was just too HOT.

We will probably be at the pool or beach on a daily basis. But, Aidan is signed up for Vacation Bible School and a free writing camp. Should be a fun summer! Hope yours is as well!

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