Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enchanted, Even in June...

Does anyone remember Enchanted April?
I saw it when it came out in 1991, and I find that in my 30's I relate to it much better. It was just released on DVD, and I got to keep it as long as I wrote a review, so here's what I came up with...

In my limited cinematic experiences, there are four types of motion pictures: those I just don't have any interest in seeing, the popcorn flick, a good movie, and the film. While I'm not sure what characterizes a film in most people's minds; for me, it is a classic story with enduring themes, a magical quality, and the ability to transcend time, and in many instances, cultural boundaries. Enchanted April, in my estimation, qualifies as such a film.

Throughout the years, I've heard men of all ages make sincere and jovial quips about not understanding women; and who is to blame them, considering what complex creatures we are? Our hearts and minds are intricate labyrinths of feminine mystique which are often quite difficult to navigate. Enchanted April is a film which delicately explores these intricacies through the venue of a holiday shared by four very unique women.

Lottie, Rose, Mrs. Fisher, and Caroline each find themselves distinctly overwhelmed by relationships, disappointments, and lives which have become characterized by monotony and a lack of any real joy. The men in their respective lives have failed to truly love and treasure them, instead having controlled, ignored, or lusted after them, without regard to the damages they were causing.

During their stay in El Salvatore, the quartet forges a beautiful sisterhood and the Italian castle becomes a sort of reflecting pool which mirrors each woman's true heart and passions. Reawakened, they begin to feel once again, their disjointed lives being healed and made whole, evidenced by their changed hearts toward the men who had left them withered and longing for love. Redemption was the mysterious guest they welcomed, but had not expected during such an enchanted April.

The film subtly and attractively portrays what I believe to be the Gospel itself. We, however, need not go to Italy to find our salvation, but look to the one whom Roman guards nailed to a cross, taking the sin of the world upon His shoulders. The Savior beckons us to bring our sins and disappointment before Him. He offers redemption, transformation, and not necessarily an easy life, but an abundant one in exchange for our belief and trust. And who better to understand the mind and heart of a woman than the very one who fashioned her?

What movies remind you of the Gospel?

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going kiwi said...

I love this movie! I know it is sort of obvious but I totally love The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and how it reminds me of Christ! And the fight between good and evil.

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