Sunday, May 10, 2009


"In my mind,

the most feminine woman

is one with an eye and ear

for others

and a heart for God."

Emily Barns

On this Mother's Day, I am thankful for the women God has brought into my life.

My mother, who gave me life, who nutured and loved me, who guided me to life in Jesus.

The mothers who are raising their children in difficult times, protecting their souls, and daily worshipping by serving those around them.

The "ladies in waiting" who are diligent to spread the fragrance of Christ as they patiently wait in expectation for a godly man to marry.

The women who have chosen to remain single and those who have known the barrenness of a womb, who have extraordinary spiritual fruit growing in their lives. Those who have adopted spiritual children and guided them on paths of righteousness.

You are descendants of Eve. Her very name means "life." She was fashioned by God to bring forth life and to diligently work to sustain and cultivate it.

"Lifegiving requires an inner core of strength,

because it is not easy to keep giving when no one gives back.

It requires wisdom, a stout heart,

decisiveness, and an eye for beauty.

Women committed to developing and expressing

the lifegiving aspect of their natures,

who embrace the value of their drive

to nuture and nourish life around them,

are compassionate, caring, thoughtful and creative.

A lifegiving lifestyle is not for the faint at heart."

Tammy Maltby

May we allow God to refine us and strengthen us. May we allow Him to grow us and enable us to speak words which bring truth and encouragement. May our deeds reflect the abundant life He died to give us.


Denise said...

yes may our lives reflect he abundant life He has given us!

Sandy said...

So very beautiful and inspiring!

Love you.

Anonymous said...
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Jamie said...

I love this tribute to woman Linda! You are so encouraging to me through my blog and I want to say thank you for that!!

Jenny Schlenker said...

I love you and i love your words, you bring so much life when you wrtie... thanks for being a source of right and truth. i love you sister!

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