Thursday, May 7, 2009

I was over at Denise's blog, and she told me (or at least the reader's at large), that I needed to read this post over at Joy's Hope. Denise has good ideas, so I clicked on the link. It was titled "Nice," and I really don't enjoy the word nice, so because I am as stubborn as a mule, I almost didn't read it. But since I knew Denise wouldn't steer me wrong, I read it anyway, despite my strong will.

I'll let you stop and click on the link now so you can read it, too.

Wasn't that good? I love to hear stories of the amazing ways God works in people's lives.

Well, then I went and clicked on Joy's Story... What's in a Name?

I read all 7 parts.... and I cried. And then I told my husband about it and I cried some more.

Sometimes I don't understand God's plan, but when I read stories like this, I am encouraged that He does have a plan and He does work things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

I want to go hug all my boys now, and squeeze them tightly.... and never let go. I want to stop my tendencies to get frustrated and impatient, and treasure every moment as a gift. By God's grace, I have another chance tomorrow.


Karen said...

That post, and all of the links within, are exactly why I have grown to love blogging. Thank you for sharing something so very moving...

Colleen said...

Wow, I just finished a long, deep cry. I had no idea what I was in for, but what a heart wrenching and yet beautiful story. Thank you for mentioning it, I feel blessed to have read it.

Denise said...

if it makes you feel better, i'm not a big fan of the word "nice," but i wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction.
the story of them man, julies' story, all so moving.

f.y.i.- did you know her husband is one of the o.c. supertones (remember the christian group from the late 90's).

happy mother's day!!

Jen said...

Ugh, I'm a mess now after reading that post. I will be holding Avery a little tighter tonight and giving her extra kisses when I'm rocking her back to sleep.

Thanks for sharing the links :)

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