Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to Audrey: Part 3

Funny Face

Are you ready to “Think Pink?” The best way I can describe Funny Face is Cinderella meets The Devil Wears Prada, accompanied by a classic Gershwin score. It’s all about fashion, photography, love and Paris. I’m really not very hip on fashion… I wouldn’t know haute couture from a pair of hot pants. Maybe they’re the same thing. In any case, the week I got this movie in the mail, I went to Disneyland with my husband to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I took a good long look at the fashion statements represented that day and they were beyond dismal. There were a couple of standouts in a sea of ratty jeans, faded sweatshirts, and stringy hair. I don’t say that to be mean, I’m just making an observation about the norm, I suppose.

I got to thinking about Funny Face in light of current fashion statements and got to wondering about creativity and beauty. Maybe I started thinking pink with visions of taffeta or maybe I was fixed on the uncommon beauty of Audrey. But I started considering that in all our efforts to “keep it real” these days, I wonder if we’re keeping it boring. Are we making a habit of celebrating mediocrity and making bedfellows with uniformity? What if we truly surrendered ourselves to reflecting an amazingly beautiful God? Would our hearts and lives be renewed and transformed. Would we become expressive, creative, and unique vessels used for His holy purposes? I may not have a Givenchy wedding gown, but I want my life to radiate and reflect the miracle that I am a new creation because I’ve been redeemed by the groom who loves my Funny Face. And floating down a river in the French countryside would be pretty great, too.


Sandy said...

Very thought provoking...I like the way you think.

Colleen said...

You and I are kindred spirits, I think.

But here's what I wanted to ask you about: remember when you gave me the lesson about putting music on my blog? That was super helpful, thanks again. :) Here's my new dilemma: I want to put a picture with my title (or "header," in blogspeak) but I can't get it so that it shares the box with the words, without one getting in the way of the other. How did you get yours so pretty?

By the way, this is for my new blog, which looks different than my regular one. It's in case you want to check it out. It's pretty girly and fun. :)

If you can help, that would be so great! Thanks!

Jamie said...

i love this post linda- i love that we are created by a creative God and that we can celebrate that everyday if we want to!

summer... said...

i love that you are reflecting through Audrey movies... being that they are some of my fav movies of all time. the class that she brings. the fashion that she has. we have lost that in life. i love it!

nicole viola said...

I love this post, Linda. I'm a big Audrey fan, too. :) And I love the idea of reflecting God's beauty in fashion, even though I'm not much of a fashionista either. :)

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