Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hola, como estas?

(This photo may or may not make sense to you later.)

Wow, this month seems to have gone by quickly!

Lately, we've been taking classes for the Foster Adoption process. We've had three classes so far, and we've had "Team Adopt" backing us 100%! We are so thankful for all the help with our kiddos. Thanks Greg & Carrie, Gabe & Mary, Kyle & Christa, Jeff, Sara & Aaron, April & Charity, and Matt & Stephanie!! It has been like a relay race and the kids are having a wonderful time!! :) They've played games, explored the outdoors, hiked, played soccer, eaten ice cream, and hung out at the beach! Jeff even took Josh to get his wittling badge for Cub Scouts! I think the kids like that we are taking these classes!! Thanks soooo much everyone!!

Most recently we've taken RET (Relationship Enhancement Training) classes. Unfortunately we missed the memo that these classes were to be Spanish only. Whoops!! Well, since our high school level Spanish wasn't really going to help us with a communication class, we were blessed to have Ann privately tutor us!! She's an amazing woman who loves God and has had many foster children in her care over the years. She's also an excellent communicator, and we learned a ton from her. Already, we are better listeners and communicators with our boys. It's a bit mentally exhausting to learn how to rephrase our thoughts, but it definitely helps us understand one another better. We've also seen the boys take more responsibility for solving their own problems. Good stuff! :)

Well, that's all for now! Oh, except did I tell you that we went to Olvera St. when we were in LA for the wedding? What does this have to do with our classes you ask? Well... the classes were in Spanish and Olvera St. was part of a pueblo started by Spaniards and Mexicans (among others). I put 2 and 2 together. Does anyone else's brain work like that?

Here are a couple photos for you...

Lucha Libre Anyone??


jeninslo said...

RET training sounds like a useful class no matter what.

Love the photos! I loved Oliveira Street when I was a girl, too. I wonder how much it has changed

Sissy said...

I will totally miss Brin when she shuts down! She is part of my daily reads and I wish I could get to that bakery.

Yes, well, we did actually get matched with a baby girl (to be born in May). Very exciting. And overwhelming. That's so soon!

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