Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why, thank you, Mrs. Seinfeld!

So I was at Ross and Marshall's this week looking for dress shoes. Not for myself... I have enough dressy shoes that don't get much use. I was looking for Josh. He was asked to be a ring bearer in a wedding next month, and shoes are just not a good last minute purchase. I wanted to get a head start. But the funny thing about Ross and Marshall's is that they never seem to have what you want when you want it.

Incidentally, I didn't find any shoes, but Marshall's did have something else that made my heart go pitter-pat. I got very excited... maybe even elated. I'm not sure I know the difference. I gasped and said, "Oh!!! I have been wanting this for so long Jason." I think I startled the lady next to me. Maybe she isn't used to witnessing such excitability at a discount store.

Anyhooo... I'm sure you are now
wondering what caused my sudden outburst.
Here it is in all it's splendor:

My inspiration. My cooking muse. For $6.99.
Deceptively Delicious
by Jessica Seinfeld

I try to be creative with meals and make them appealing to the kiddos (and even the big boy who is not a big fan of veggies, either). Vegetables, as exciting as they are to me, just don't make the boys do flips. My mom has an interesting book about blood types, and the author has a theory that people with type A blood actually like vegetables and people with type O like meat, and actually need it. This seems to be 100% accurate for my house, although I just cannot see how this would be beneficial and balanced from a nutrition perspective.

I spent a couple hours steaming & grating veggies and pureeing this morning. Then, I snuck the veggies in all kinds of things. We devoured pumpkin in pancakes. We sampled cauliflower, carrot and sweet potato hidden in a bean and cheese burrito. And we chowed down on egg noodles covered in yellow squash and freshly grated parmesan. That's 5... yes, 5 vegetables in a single day! Get the smelling salts... I think I'm going to faint!!

1-yellow squash, 2-sweet potato, 3-broccoli, 4-cauliflower, 5-carrots, 6-spinach

And do you know what? My carnivores ate and liked their veggies! I wouldn't say that they are on their way to becoming herbivores any time soon, but progress is progress. When I told Joshua what he'd eaten, he just couldn't believe it.

There are about 4 pounds of grated & pureed veggies in my fridge and freezer right now. It'll be interesting to see where they end up in the next month!! Do you have any good strategies at your house?? Cause I'm on a roll and I need more inspiration to keep it going!! :)

Oh, and by the way, here is the recipe for the Pumpkin Pancakes if you'd like to try it:

I left out allspice. I also added another egg and a couple more splashes of milk for a thinner consistency. They were super yummy and there's barely any sugar in this recipe.

Next time, I may try substituting some whole wheat flour and adding some flax meal for Omega 3's.

Somebody stop me!!


Sandy said...

Yum! You're making me hungry. And I love that you can sneak veggies into other foods and the family will actually eat it.

Here's to your health. :o)

Jamie said...

oh my goodness linda you are so cute and creative. way to get the kids veggies in w/o them even knowing it.

i too love good old marshalls and ross but it's true you never can find what you want when you want it!

The Schmidts said...

I saw that cookbook when I was at your house and I was a wee bit jealous because it looks like so much fun! We actually have the opposite problem in our house though--we can't get Nayeli to eat any meat! She will be 26 pounds forever at the rate she's going.

Anna Hosking said...

My husband claims to like his veggies but when I put a pile of "roughage" (as he calls it) in front of him it doesn't get much attention. SO I've become a huge fan of hiding veggies. Squash is particularly easy to hide b/c you can grate it up and stick it into almost anything - particularly sauces. And we are huge fan of condiments at our house. Anything to help those veggies go down! Have fun with the book. It sounds great. (And I am definately trying those pancakes!)

nicole viola said...

I got this book for Christmas and can't wait to get into the swing of preparing her type of dishes!!

Denise said...

you HAVE to tell me, can you taste the veggies?

i have a relative that has the blood types book. read it, and i am so a type A. after reading it i modified a few things in my diet and well, it seems to be working.

Linda Z said...

Update: So far, the response has been very positive. Everyone is eating... no one's complaining! Yay! Today I put a bunch of carrots and zucchini in meatloaf and cauliflower in twice baked potato and no, Denise... totally can't taste it! :)

The kids favorite so far has been yogurt popsicles... not exactly veggies, but healthy!! :)
2 C Vanilla Yogurt
2 C Frozen Fruit
1 banana (substituted for sugar)
Blended and put in tupperware type popsicle holders overnight. :)

Oh, and Rhiannon... we should do a tasting party with our small group! :) We could all take a recipe to prepare! :)

CoachZ said...

Ummm I tasted the CalliFlower in the potatoes, but the crunchy yummy taste of bacon kept me distracted ;)

I also ate 1/4 to 1/3 of the meatloaf if that helps ladies.

Thanks hon for looking out for us and making it so delicious...and deceptive! Dinner has become an adventure!

You're the BEST!

truly blessed said...

I just printed the pumpkin pancake recipe, can't wait to try it! I was wondering if that cookbook was actually any good. Thanks for the review! I've got 2 that are pretty picky and hiding veggies sounds like a great idea.

Katie said...

I guess this post is a few years old but I have recently discovered a new way to sneak in some veggies. A handful of spinach, tossed into a blender with frozen strawberries and other juicy fruits, is tasteless in a delicious smoothie.

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