Friday, February 20, 2009

Shades in Winter

I'm putting out a call for some advice this morning.
I need to get some new sunglasses... prescription sunglasses.

I think the last time I bought them was before Josh was born or sometime shortly thereafter. The prescription probably isn't even correct anymore.

It's been a while.

I don't know why I am thinking about this during winter.

Maybe I am planning ahead, but knowing me, I doubt it.

Then again, I'm in CA and it might be 80 tomorrow...

you never know.

Sunglass styles have changed a lot. Have you noticed?

I am scared.

Chances are I will have the sunglasses I pick for another 8 or 9 years,

so I'd better make a good decision.

I Googled some sunglasses to get a general idea of what's out there.

I'll probably end up just going to Costco.

What do you think I should go for??

Some big bug eye kind of glasses?

Something understated with just a small detail?

Something that might make Sophia Loren happy?

Something all blinged out with little rhinestones on the sides?

Or a combination of just about everything?

Please tell me what to do...

otherwise I'm highly likely to make a very horrible mistake.

I am completely serious.


The Schmidts said...

Just try them all on and ask the sales people to help. If you have insurance that covers vision you may be able to get them for pretty cheap and go to a nice place. We have vision coverage so we go to Pacific Eyewear (I think that's the name) next to Firestone. The gals in there are always very straightforward about what does and doesn't look good on each face. They are also good about only showing you glasses in your price range. If you can't go to a place with good knowledgeable sales people then I say go for something tortoiseshelly and big but not too big. Good luck! -Rhiannon

Tamara said...

I like the second to last pair on your page (black)... I'm thinking don't go for anything too large and round. I am a fan of big sunglasses, but try different shapes. I usually like the squareish ones, so that you don't look too much like a bug :) And go for something fun, but classy so that you can wear them when the fashion changes. Big but not monstrous :)

Court said...

Go big! No, absolutely NO bling...cheapens them in my opinion. I agree with Rhiannon go with a tortoise shell, then it will match whatever you happen to be wearing. My fav on your page are the very first pair:)

Sandy said...

Coming from an old lady like me, this comment probably doesn't count...we think in entirely different generational mind-sets. But as you look over the prospects, fold them and see how much room they will take in your purse or pocket. The neat curved ones that are popular now take up a huge amount of room when not in use. Also, I've been told that some prescriptions are distorted by the convex shape. Just one more thing to consider! Am I being a spoiler here? Sorry. :o{

Love you.

Carrie Squires said...

My vote is the understated with a simple design. No bling. But it seems safer to go with the understated and not the huge as far as the trend changing goes, you know? Then again, I would hold Courtney's fashion advice pretty highly so maybe she's on to something with the big....

Linda Z said...

This is good stuff!! I'm going to take all this into serious consideration! :) Thanks lovely ladies!!

Denise said...

thank you! why, because i am clueless
when it comes to buying sunglasses.
i need someone trendy to go with me and help me pick out a fan pair.

as you can see i cannot help you, but i would go with less bling. what if you do end up with them for 8 yrs?!

truly blessed said...

I like the first and second ones!

Jenny Schlenker said...

HI beautiful! I love the Oakley's !!!!

Linda Z said...

Ok, I'm going to make an appointment to go to an actual optomatrist (sp??). Patrick says our new vision plan has super good coverage and I can get polarization for free. Woohoo!!
8^) and Yippee!!

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