Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Scientific Playbill

I brushed up my acting chops for a rare stage appearance today.
And I must say, that at a purely molecular and artistic level, it was some of my best method work. The boys truly grasped the essence of their characters as well.

Here it is...

The States of Matter

An Atomic 3 Act Play

The molecules were introduced. They definitely produced comic relief, but really lacked direction. It was a vaporous mess and we were pretty foggy on the dialog.

This loosely linked molecule gave way to a slippery slope, but I would have to say we really felt its fluidity. And the depth of this act spoke volumes.

A substantial ending followed. It's resolution was tight. The dense undertones gave way to a lesson we shall not soon forget.


Stephanie Dollahite said...

As I biochemist, I have to say, that was adorable! What a great teacher and actress you are!!! The kids loved it I'm sure!

CoachZ said...

Hon, you've outdone yourself! Both teaching and acting as well as blogging. This has to be the blog of the year for you...and it's only Feb!

I was literally laughing out loud here in my cubicle.

Love ya babe! You were my hero before you took on 4-5 hours a day of teaching. Now you are my Super Hero!

Sandy said...

I wish they'd taught science like that when I was in school. How fun...and memorable in more ways than one. :o)

Love you!

Alana said...

Very cute! Solid is my favorite!!

Karen said...

How fun! When can I drop off my boys on your doorstep for a lesson? :) LOVE your new masthead! Is that what it is called? The picture on top, beautiful!

jeninslo said...

I LOVE IT!! Fantastic pictures and lesson!

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