Monday, February 2, 2009

On Flying...

Did you ever have a cape when you were a kid? The kind of cape that made you feel like you could fly? Maybe it was your trusty blanket...
Running and jumping, the cape would take flight behind you and you felt like an invincible superhero. For those moments you were soaring and there wasn't a star you couldn't reach. The couch became your tall building and you could leap it in a single bound.

Then there were the times when the cape would get stuck on a doorknob or on a clumsy piece of furniture. Or maybe your big brother purposely stepped on it when you sat down and you were unaware. Ready to take off for flight, you were abruptly jerked back down to earth with a red mark about your neck and a bruised ego. Sometimes it made you downright angry. And you didn't feel like flying again. It wasn't worth the risk.

Sometimes I feel like my cape still gets stepped on. Some days I feel as though I'm soaring in the heights, and other days I am dropped into a valley. I am humbled as I look to the mountain, and I wonder if I'll ever have the courage to fly again. Maybe I'd rather just avoid another neck wound.

And sometimes I step on other people's capes. I ground them, often without even meaning to. I don't give them room to grow and continue on their journey. Or I withhold complete forgiveness, still keeping the corner of the cape in between my fingers. I can't, or won't, just let it go. When I finally do, I marvel at the miracle of flight, and my heart feels like soaring again, too.

...but those who hope in the LORD

will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles...

Isaiah 40:31


nicole viola said...

thanks, Linda, this was so good for me to read tonight. :)

Tamara said...

I really needed to hear that verse, this morning. Thanks, Linda :)

Colleen said...

That was a sweet post. I used to have the most realistic dreams that I could fly... Heaven's going to be so much fun. :) Thanks for your thoughtful words.

Sandy said...

Your words were beautiful and healing. I love Isaiah 40:31.

Just recently I had my own cape stepped on. I was hurt and felt justified in my angry response. With God's counsel, I realized that it was I who had previously stepped on the other person's cape first, albeit unwittingly. I'm happy that my apologies were graciously accepted.

The world can be cacophonous, and sometimes I need to just shut my mouth and smile. :o)
:-} : >] : ) : < ) )))))))))))))))) !!

Denise said...

good words.
i can relate in each way.

sometimes i feel like i ground my children. i wonder if sometimes i keep them from experiencing flight. and i SO want them to fly.

somebody has been holding the corner of my cape in her hand. she just won't let go. she just won't forgive. and i am, in someways, always stuck in her clutched fist.

i know that her unforgiveness hurts her more than it hurts me (i use to be on her side. i know). and i KNOW God wants us both to fly.
and i want to.

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