Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kid Quotes: Edition 2

Here were the best kid quotes of Casa Z in 2008

ages 7-8

"This movie amazed my halfway to death."

"I'm not full at all... I just opened my bottomless pit."

"I'm just stretching, so that I don't break my ankle or something.

Then I might have to go under the knife and that would not be pretty."

(This one is to show what a boy he is.)

"A snake just pooed. I told everyone to cover their noses.
That was exciting, disgusting and weird at the same time."

"You better get used to Jason and I teaming up to do things that are extreme."

"You (mom) really know about a lot of stuff."

(Why thanks, Josh!)

ages 2-3

(Holding a picture he painted...)

"Wow! Amazing! It's for you, Josh! Here!"

(The first time he ever created something and gave it away!!)

"I'm just brushing my hair, cause it's growing!"

"I'm a beautiful man.

God made me a beautiful heart.... (belch)!"

(To mom)

"You are happiness in my world."

"I'm not Swedish!"

(Good to know...)

I wish I'd written down more from last year!! Where does the time go?? If you'd like to read the first edition, it's here. There were some really great ones in that batch!! :)


CoachZ said...

How about:

Jason: I am sorry I do not like brock-OH-lee.

(Guess you had to be there.)

Linda Z said...

That was a good one!! :)

And then there's always...

"I neeeeeeeeeed you!!!!" :)

Tamara said...

Awe those are so adorable!

Jen said...

Great idea! I have awhile to go before any talking occurs, but I will definitely write down the good ones :)

Denise said...

"you are happiness in my world," that's my favorite.

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