Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Movie...

I'm not certain if Little Women qualifies as a Christmas movie,
but if it does, it's my favorite.
My darling husband gave me a little break this evening, so I'm holed up in my bedroom watching the March family... and Laurie.
And sipping my favorite tea... thank you, my darling husband.
Oh, all the love and generosity and sacrifice and sisterhood and perseverence...
I've already cried 3 times.
What's your favorite Christmas movie?


jeninslo said...

I am a fan of A Christmas Carol and its many incarnations. My favorites are Scrooge with Albert Finney and A Christmas Carol with George C Scott and A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. Of course, you can't forget Mr. Magoo & Scrooge McDuck as ol' Ebenezer. But not Barbie. I can't condone a Barbie Christmas Carol.

Thank you very much! Thank you very much! That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me... is now running through my head. :)

nicole viola said...

for sure it's White Christmas, although Christmas Vacation and Home Alone are other family favorites. :)

Jen said...

I've got to agree with pp, Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation is pretty darn funny :) That movie never seems to get old, and I still laugh hysterically each time I see it!

OT- why can't I get your blog to show up under "blogs I'm following" on my homepage? Enlighten me experienced blogger :)

Court said...

Elf, love that one. We watch prettymuch year round, one of Tay's favorites.
I love Annie, this time of year too. Reminds me of going to visit my Dad's Mom, we always watched it.
I am also a sucker, for all the Hallmark Christmas movies. Something about this time of year that can bring out my inner sap:)
Thanks for reminding me about Little Women, Tay would love it. We are going to rent it so she can see it.
Have a great day:)

Linda Z said...

Jen... LOL Barbie CC! :) American Girls are way better anyway! Isn't there a Samantha one about Christmas??

Nicole... I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... Oh, I can just hear the crooning now!! And it will defitely be a dream for you now that you're back in CA! How's the adjustment going?

Jen... ah... pp=previous post?? I couldn't figure out what that was!! I haven't scene C.V. in a while, but I do remember laughing a lot. I'm not sure how to do the follow thing... I've only done it once and I forget how I did it!! :P

Court... the only person that cries more about Hallmark movies than me is Patrick... don't tell anyone I said that. I like the part in Elf when he gets hit by a car... is that bad?? I can't even tell you how hard I laughed when that happened! And I really love Zooey's voice in that movie! :)

Linda Z said...
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Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

I too, am a big fan of Elf. We also just watched The Holiday-with Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law, and Cameron Diaz-again. It is cute...I am not a fan of Cameron D., but the movie is very cozy and Kate W. is one of my favorite actresses. I recommend it for curling up on the couch and getting in a Christmas-ee mood!

Linda Z said...

I just censored myself! :) No, actually I just double posted. I'm in such a weird mood right now. Maybe it was the Pear and Gorgonzola Salad from TJ's I just ate. Or maybe it is because I'm thinking about the Peppermint Joe Joe's from Trader's I'm now going to eat. And by the way, does anyone have the urge to ring that bell of theirs and yell something across store or draw on one of their chalkboards like I do? If Trader Joe's were a Christmas movie it would have a great Beach Boys soundtrack.

I told you I am in a weird mood. :P

CoachZ said...

Hon...lay off of the Peppermint schrapnel!

They are going to kick me off Men's Ministry if you keep posting that I cry! [I'm crying right now!]

Sandy said...

It's a toss up between You've Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping (not to be confused with Sleepless in Seattle which is not among my favorites anytime of the year.) To me they are just such "feel good" films that I can watch them more often than I would ever admit.

I have to confess that I watch too many made-for-TV Christmas movies, most of which are corny, but at least they are clean and wholesome!

Merry Christmas!

Liz said...

I can't help it but The Santa Clause with Tim Allen is now one of my favorites. It answered so many questions for my kids like, "How does Santa get in when there's no chimney?". (Plus the colors in the movie are so pretty.) Elf is another favorite & The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Though technically not a Christmas movie...The Sound of Music gets watched every holiday season too.

Tamara said...

I LOVE "Little Women"!!! I seriously watch that movie multiple times during the year - but I especially love watching it when it's cold outside and I can curl up in a blanket and something hot to drink :) I think that "White Christmas" and "Elf" are my favorite Christmas movies! My dad would say "Die Hard" and when asked how that's a Christmas movie, he'd say that it's because they're at a Christmas part during the movie. So if that reasoning works, I think "Little Women" is definitely a holiday movie ;)

Linda Z said...

Wow... you all really like Christmas movies! :)

Kelly... I love the music from The Holiday. Hans Zimmer is a genius.

Honey... I only eat peppermint schrapnel once a year!! And I'll stop telling people how much you cry as soon as you stop telling people how Jason copies the way I burp... you are ruining my image. :P

Liz... I love the colors in the Santa Claus, too. And I love the way Linus preaches it in a Charlie Brown Christmas. The Gospel being read by a Peanut on prime time TV is just awesome!!

Mom... I am not even going to ask how many times you have watched those movies. You are funny! :) You can send as many corny TV movies down here as you want when you are done with them. They will suck Patrick in and make him cry, and I like watching that.

Tamara... thanks for validating Little Women!! Isn't it the best? Who's your favorite? That cracks me up about your dad... that is Christmas gone very, very wrong. I get to sing next to your dad "in the round." I like his wry sense of humor.

Jamie said...

I have so many favorites but I will narrow it down to 3- White Christmas, The Christmas Card (hallmark Channel), and elf (of course)!! And yes, little woman does count as a christmas movie.

ps I am glad you were praying for katie and Annie- thanks Linda- love jamie

Denise said...

"it's a wonderful life." it is a little slow, but the entire story is SO good.
have you seen it?

but, I LOVE "little women," twinkle lights, hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and time spent in jo, meg, beth,and amy's world...cozy and warm.

favorite line from the movie, when jo says, "i could have been many great things."

which sister do you think you are most like?
the beauty of the story for me is that i am a little of each sister. but i am mostly a jo/meg, with a wild imagination, and firey spirit, yet practical, and concerned to have it together.

have you read any of louisa may alcott's books. they are all so good. you must read little men.

Colleen said...

Ok, I know it's been said like 20 times, but ELF!!! My niece and nephew think it's pretty funny that I can pretty much quote the whole movie. And I told them that when I visited Kelly and Rob in New York I ran through the revolving doors yelling and played hop scotch on the cross walks, they thought I was the weirdest grown up they know. But I thought it was hilarious!

Linda Z said...


I just saw It's a Wonderful Life for the first time a couple of years ago, and I must say I loved it and was really taken aback by its depth. Great themes, real life, love wins out!! :)

I've thought about the Little Women question... I'm probably the same mix as you are, although I've been all of them at one point. They are such well-developed characters, so it's definitely easy to relate. :)

Colleen... I can picture you hopping in New York!! You are silly and I like that! :)

Alana said...

This is definitely one of my favorites and I haven't been able to watch it this year. It is hard to convince two little boys to do so! ;-)

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