Friday, December 5, 2008


It just occured to me as I was sitting and cuddling with my little J-bear (who incidentally is doubling as Superman in his caped pajamas these days), that I must have started blogging about a year ago. I went back to my first post and yes, indeed, my "blog-iversary" was yesterday, December 4th.

Some thoughts on year 1...

I've savored processing my thoughts in this way.
I've remembered that I once really loved to write, and I'd forgotten that until now.
I've learned so much reading about other people's lives in "blogland."
I've enjoyed making new friends and keeping the old.
I've shared my heart and been encouraged by others who have shared their own.
I've accumulated about 10 gray hairs... but I think that may just be a coincidence and not blog related. I don't think it can be scientifically proven either way. :)

Year 2, here we go...


Court said...

Happy Blog-iversary:) Congrats on the big day:) You are cute and so is your blog. How do you get the font different colors and some words larger than the others and bold...maybe I am missing that button?!?! Anyhow, your blog is adorable:)
On another note, thanks for dinner the other night. It was delicious and it was nice getting to know people. Also, are you and Patrick planning on going to the company holiday party?

Linda Z said...

Thanks, it was a big day! ;P

When you go to post, you just highlight the word you want and then there's a bar right above the post that lets you change fonts, colors, etc.

Glad you guys could join us for dinner! :) Josh had a seriously good time with Taylor even though he doesn't like girls at all. ;)

I think we're going to the party... I guess I should as my mom if she can babysit. I saw that you had already picked out shoes. :)

Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

Happy Blogiversary, Linda. It is true all you say, blogging is a lot better than I thought it would be. It has been fun to follow you life through your blog.

Hmmm, I wonder how long we've been blogging...I will go check!

Colleen said...

Happy Blogiversary! Ditto on all that's been said - blogging has been such a fun experience of sharing, learning, and communicating with others. I have enjoyed reading about your thoughts and experiences!

Denise said...

i'm glad you are a fellow blogger!!

i have one gray hair. and have been blogging since april 07. so your gonna have to blame that "crown of glory attained by a righteous life"
on something else.

here's to another year (i'm toasting you)!
and yeah, we'll so meet next time i am in in s.l.o.! i'd love to.

Alana said...

Happy Belated Blogoversary!

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