Sunday, November 30, 2008

Closing Out the Month of November

I loved doing the Thanksgiving Challenge...
so now I thought I'd post the month for posterity!

Nov. 30 A super full day with friends and family and praises of Jesus' birth
Nov. 29 A husband who pursues "oneness" with me
Nov. 28 Montana de Oro... enough said!! :)
Nov. 27 Family and friends and the Lord of the Harvest
Nov. 26 My awesome chiropractor... oh, what a little crack will do! :)
Nov. 25 Cold, refreshing rain and warm fuzzy blankies
Nov. 24 Seeing Josh play Squanto in his class play
Nov. 23 Getting to know new friends over lasagna dinner
Nov. 22 A clean home and clean cars
Nov. 21 My brain still having the ability to memorize and retain 14 pieces of music at once.
La la la
Nov. 20 A new adventure on to the horizon ;)
Nov. 19 The gas station attendant who washed my windshield and gave me a white rose... so sweet.
Nov. 18 Inspiration from my friend, Maureen
Nov. 17 Making new friends and keeping the old
Nov. 16 Birthday Blessings...
Nov. 15 A dinner date with my honey!
Nov. 14 Some beach weather in November!! :P
Nov.13 Gas is at $2.55 a gallon. Wohoo!
Nov. 12 Choir practice tonight... singing praises to God, united with His body in beautiful harmony!!
Nov. 11 The special time I got to spend with Josh on our little date
Nov. 10 My brother-in-law, Alvin! Happy B'day, Bro!
Nov. 9 A new niece named Avalon Jane :)
Nov. 8 My husband, who agreed to take motorcycle safety class!
Nov. 7 The little elf who helped me clean the shower with Simple Green this morning!
Nov. 6 A little 3 year old who cuddles with me every morning after he wakes up
Nov. 5 Resting in the knowledge that God is in control
Nov. 4 Abundant life
Nov. 3 A family who loves me when I'm unlovable
Nov. 2 The crisp Fall air
Nov. 1 My savior, Jesus


Alana said...

oh, I'm longing for "a little crack" from my chiro!! Loved your list. What music are you memorizing??

Linda Z said...

Thanks, Alana! I'm memorizing music for a Christmas concert this weekend. I sing with a church choir and for Christmas we get to do 4 concerts with an orchestra. So fun! :)

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